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Friday Chaos

Originally posted to SLSailing.com on November 2nd, 2007


Pardon me, I’m excited.  I had a chance to see the Friday PM Tako Races today at NYC.

Glida Pilote usually attracts a big fleet, and today was no exception.

Chaos Mandelbrot, Konradin Kappler, Francois Jacques, Glida Pilote, Glorfindel Arrow, Daizy Dovgal, Qwerty Freenote, and a new sailor, Frapp Graf, all came to test their speed, skill and determination (or something like that), racing in the southern seas of the United Sailing Sims. Today was pretty special. As Bea Woodget’s French Sail Team might put it, today’s races were… WTF!

(her translation: “Way Too Fun”).

The First race took off on course NYC B-2a:

Francois Jacques (FJ08) was first over the line!!!

However, Konradin Kappler (KK62), Daizy Dovgal (DD53), and Chaos Mandelbrot (CM91) were a mere fraction of a heartbeat behind:

Believe me, sports fans… this was no time to cut to commercial!

The entire fleet got off to a great start, but Chaos and Konradin immediately went into overdrive and pulled past Francois before the first tack:

WOW! This was some race! The entire fleet stayed in lock-step over the upwind beat that traverses Bougainville Strait, eyeing the first red mark. They blew past it and went off on a reach heading south to visit Jacqueline Trudeau’s sim (and the race mark therein contained).

And then…

Hey? What can I tell you? The fat lady already sang. Chaos Mandelbrot roared ahead on his personal Friday juggernaut, waving to Svar and Sallysue as he passed Vella Lavella Island, and slamming over the finish line for First Place with time enough to drink a Diet Coke. Welll… maybe a 17 second Diet Coke, anyway…because WHAM! There was Konradin and Francois on his tail, and over the line!

It wasn’t quite over yet, either. In the few days I’ve been writing this column, I’ve discovered something fascinating: often the best, most intense competitions are further back in the pack, among the sailors that bring new, fresh skill and desire to the competition. Tonight this award went to Daizy Dovgal and Frap Graf. I admit Daizy’s not new… she’s been around the race circuit a few days, and she’s not one to be taken lightly. But tonight she went head-to-head with Frap Graf, helping show him how we do it, but carefully keeping one second in front of him always, to take sixth place. Here they are crossing the finish line in tandem:

Thanks Daizy! and Welcome Frap!

And Frap? make sure you thank Daizy for today’s lesson!

Race Two: The Fleet again took off on Course B-2a.

The start was a bit of a replay, with Francois leading the pack, crossing again at 00:02, followed by Chaos, then Glida.

This time, Francois pulled out all the stops, and for three upwind sims she held Chaos at bay. However, approaching the first red mark, the water opens up and Francois could no longer play her game. Here’s a snapshot showing Chaos moving a litttle too leeward and a touch too forward of Francois… and breaking free!

Chaos found the wind, and he found his way. Unfortunately, the time and attention required to duel sailing maestro Francois cost Chaos dearly. Konradin was already focused, and on a winning mission.

Where was KK, you ask? How far ahead?

Well, here’s a snapshot taken a couple dozen seconds later, showing Konradin ready to take the homeward turn over the north east corner of Vella Lavella Island. If you look carefully, you can see Chaos’ blue mainsail in the far distance, just over KK’s shoulder:

Konradin won that race with nearly 40 seconds to spare. GREAT sailing, Konradin!!!Chaos technically came in second, but the entire fleet stepped on Chaos’ toes as they went over the line in unison. Here, for example, is a fantastic picture of Daizy Dovgal skirting the breakers a few moments earlier, with Glida and Chaos fighting to catch up…

Race Three… and Four…: OK…. I stayed for one more race…. It was pretty exciting and Chaos Mandelbrot won. Ask Chaos about it [grin].

Hey, it’s Friday night and I’m supposed to go to a jazz concert at some sim someplace…

or is this the Friday I’m supposed to help Nber dig in the Sahara Sim sands to retrieve Marktwain White?

… I dunno… I’ll let you all know…     Later!