Armchair Binder wins Tako Cup 2007

Under treacherous SL conditions and unstable Linden seas, Armchair Binder today prevailed over Hans Zinnemann 3:1 to take the Tako Cup 2007 by a unanimous decision of the Race Committee.

The sea conditions today often made the final match more about survival skills than racing tactics. Over the next few days we’ll be posting many of the details, and watch for Surfwidow’s video of the final race, which will premiere here soon!

One response to “Armchair Binder wins Tako Cup 2007

  1. Armchair Binder [known as AC to some] was one of the best. At this regatta series he WAS the best. A RL sailor Armchair was a super guy who helped many learn the inside strategy of SL yacht racing.
    I guess he is gone now, but his legacy of excellence lives on.
    -Tory Micheline

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