Eyes on the Prize

This article was originally published on SLSailing.com on June 2nd, 2008

A lot has been said about the 2008 World Fizz Cup in these pages.
As Rear Admiral MarkTwain White predicted long ago, Fizz ‘08 has turned out to be the largest and the best organized sailing competition — by far — in the history of Second Life sailing.

This past weekend saw an intense series of quarter-final and semi-final battles to choose the finalists for the Gold Cup, and the flow chart below shows the schedule of competition leading toward the final races that will take place on June 8.

As you can see above, On Saturday May 31, the 12 winners of the Gold cup qualifying rounds again met on the SYC Start Line in Hollywood to do battle. The fleet was divided into four groups of three boats, and each group sailed five races. The four winning skippers from those 20 races had little opportunity to reflect on their glory, however, since the very next morning they piled back into their sleek sail machines to fight in the semi-final competition. They were joined on the start line by Kentrock Messmer and Stuart Coche, who earned their spots by winning the Silver second and third place awards the previous week.

The six semi-finalists were again divided into two groups of three boats, and each group again sailed five races Sunday morning using a new course designed by Bea Woodget, the Fizz Cup Director. The conditions were good for racing. Few technical issues interferred, and the skippers were able to put on a pyrotechnic display of sailing skill and speed for the overflow, enthusiastic crowd in attendance.

When the salt spray finally settled Sunday, only two skippers remained standing: Kei Cioc and Yuu Nakamichi. They now advance to the final round where joepie Korobase, the winner of the Silver Cup Division, is well-rested and just waiting to take them on.

Fizz Gold Finalists_032

Make sure to come early to watch the finals competition this Sunday, June 8. It promises to be the most exciting sailboat race of year, and whichever skipper wins, the event will be a true landmark in SL Sailing history.

World Flying Fizz Cup 2008
Finals Competition:

Kei Cioc
Yuu Nakamichi
joepie Korobase

Sunday, June 8 2008 10:00am SLT
Starboards Yacht Club, Hollywood Sim

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