Practice purrfect

This article was originally posted to on December 16, 2008

This morning I had a chance to catch a practice session for Waypoint Yacht Club’s upcoming Leetle Cup Distance Race. I couldn’t help running back here to post a few snapshots!

Taku Raymaker’s designed a simply spectacular course for this contest, and it should be enormous fun for both sailors and spectators alike. The view above shows the fleet on a reach as it cuts through the “roaring 40s” on the way from South rock to West rock.

West rock safely in the distance, next stop is Christmas Island, a good 15 sims  further North.  In fact it’s so far North, it’s already snowcovered!

A great fleet of sailors turned out for this practice session, and the weather conditions for sailing proved near perfect (except for  a few laggy spots in the far south latitudes below Vella Lavella Island and over in the Schooner Run).

Although this was just a practice race, the entire fleet demonstrated rather terrific ability sailing this new Trudeau pocket rocket, and the fastest boats completed a course in slightly more than one hour.

Woots go to the whole fleet:

Yacht Harbour
shinobi Woodget
Kei Cioc
Takeshi Schnyder
Massy Johin
macro Nacht
Miwha Masala
REVO Blitz
Odysseus Yiyuan
Sizimi Babenco
Dahral Huet

The official race is scheduled for a week from today, December 23 at 6:00am. Don’t miss it. From today’s preview, it looks like the LCDR has a wonderful course matched by a truly great, enthusiastic race fleet!


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