Mowry Sprints

Originally posted to by Jane Fossett on February 18 2009



Mowry Sprints

Mowry Bay Yacht Club, March 7 2009

March 7 2009 Mowry Spirit

The regatta is open to boats of the TAKO Class whose owners are properly registered with the Race Committee. Registrants must be from a Yacht Club or Sailing Club in Second Life.   One Male and One Female Avatar from each club will be eligible.   All Takos must have a skipper and crew on board during racing. The crew may be of either sex.  The same two sailors must be on board for the duration of the races.  No crew substitutions will be allowed.

March 7th  2009.  Skippers meetings will begin at 12:30 PM  SLT.  Races will begin at 1:00  PM SLT.   No race will start after 2:30 PM SLT.

Racing will be held in the vicinity of the Hepburn and Mowry Region.  Detailed directions to the event will be provided with the Sailing Instructions.

Eligible boats may be entered by having a Club Officer from a Second Life Sailing or Yacht Club send a Note Card to the PRO    [ Principal Race Officer ]  at least 24 hours prior to the race.  Names of the competitors and their TAKO ID Numbers must be provided.  No L$ fee is required to register.

Sailing Instructions:
Sailing instructions will be sent to all competitors at the conclusion of the entry time period.

Racing format:
Racing will be conducted under the Racing Rules of Sailing [RRS] and the RACE WIND provided by the Mowry Wind Setter. The PRO with the Race Committee will determine the number of races for the regatta after considering weather, course, equipment conditions and LAG.  1 [one] race is required to be completed to constitute the regatta.

The regatta will be scored in accordance with the Low Point Scoring system as set forth in Appendix A of the Racing Rules of Sailing. There will be no throw out races.  All races count.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 1 finisher in the regatta, in the following classes: Top Male Avatar, Top Female Avatar and Top Club performance.  For Club performance the combined low point scores for each Club Team will be used.

Tory Micheline
/(Ed: Jane Fossett)

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  1. Its wonderful to see the memory.

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