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Hypergrid Sailor

Originally posted to SLSailing.com on March 22, 2009

Sometimes a picture is all you need. An image appears that sparks an idea, and everything changes.

Bri Hasp handed me a video this morning. It shows her sailing a boat designed by Owen Oyen.  Pretty simple stuff: A a jug of wine, a book of verse, a loaf of bread… with Bri [cough, sorry].

Watch the video I linked below and catch the message. With a smile and a sailboat, Bri steps off the grid… and she is free. The implications are beyond my imagination tonight; I’ll have much, much more to say later.

Remember today. Some day we will make new calendars, and we will look back wondering what day everything changed. I know it does not happen all at once, it takes time for an idea to blossom and spread in a caring community, but it starts someplace.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

HyperGrid Sailor [HD] [opensim]

We all know it will happen. I’ve written articles expressing anger and frustration at some LL decisions, but honestly, my approach is changing. I can see as a community we soon will be free to chose grids based on needs and available resources. Let’s take the best Linden Labs can offer, and thank them.

For all else we’ll be able to cast off from out home port, catch the breeze, rise off a wave… and sail the universe.