Danshire Yacht Club

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Danshire Yacht Club Opens

Tig Spijkers and I want to announce the start of  Danshire Yacht Club.

Hold the drumroll please, it’s a bit of a preannouncement! Although we’ve dropped Hay Ah’s new raceline in Danshire and Tig  held DYC’s first regatta two days ago, much remains to be done and we humbly ask your patience if there are delays over the next few weeks.

Geez…we don’t even have a logo, a burgee, or a clubhouse installed yet!

Danshire Yacht Club

I actually don’t apologize for our lack of preplanning, though. Frankly, I never expected to be co-commodore of a Yacht Club.  I’m part of Nantucket Yacht Club’s Steering Group,  and NYC has been more than enough excitement for me. I was there when we ‘re-launched’ NYC, and 80 years from now I fully expect to be the old lady curmudgeon with a laptop in a rocking chair, furiously pecking out a note to Race Directors on the fateful day my power supply finally melts away.

The same is true for Tig. I can’t speak directly for my fellow DYC commodore, but I’m very sure about her passion for the Second Life Coast Guard. It’s a commitment, a responsibility, and a service that Tig takes very seriously.  She will continue.

Danshire's light and line
Danshire’s light and line

So, if that is the case,  why are we starting Danshire Yacht Club? and do SL Sailors really need another club?
Well, I think the answers to those questions are pretty simple:  It’s About Sailing.

Danshire Yacht Club is located on the northeast corner of the water corridor that connects Corsica with Geata V. that means sailors to our South in Nautilus, Santori or USS  can reach us by boat (but be prepared for a long sail!). Once you get to DYC, tie up and look around. We connect two continents. The sailing opportunities in both directions are limitless.

Gaeta clockwise

Tig and I fell in love with Danshire immediately. We realized that the Club’s location would greatly expand SL Sailing options for cruising and racing; DYC seems uniquely suited for open ocean, long-distance competitions, races we couldn’t even imagine a few months ago. Tig’s instructions to the fleet for DYC’s opening race were simple, but also eye-opening:

Around Gaeta, Clockwise! It’s about 100 sims!”

After a short pause, Tig corrected herself:

“Actually, it’s more!” 

That is the reason we decided to start Danshire Yacht Club.

The local estate owners understood this as well; they were equally enthusiastic about a yacht club in Danshire. We have their cooperation, commitment, and most important… their excitement to expand sailing in Corsica and Gaeta in cooperation with the larger SL Sailing Community. After all, It’s About Sailing, isn’t it?


It’s About Sailing

DYC’s motto says it all.  DYC is for sailing and sailors; we are not a business, we are not in competition with any other club or estate, and we are not an “alternative” to anything. We also have a single, slightly obsessive focus on sailing. Tig and I are proud to admit it: We promise DYC will be a lousy place to fly your airplane, shoot your ray gun, or buy a new low-prim refrigerator.

On the other hand, DYC’s commitment to sailing means we’ll do our best to work with all other clubs and groups to coordinate events, host our share of future cup qualifying races, and work on local and grid-wide projects to benefit our common SL Sailing community.

We’re still busy getting DYC up and running ,so I don’t yet have many details to share with you. Don’t worry, though; you know me and Tig. We’ll keep you posted, and please contact either of us if you have any questions, ideas, or issues as we’re getting under sail.

/ Jane Fossett

 Gaeta clockwise a

6 responses to “Danshire Yacht Club

  1. “furiously pecking out a note to Race Directors”

    ‘Damn kids don’t know how to run a race, in my day we knew what real lag was’

  2. Chaos Mandelbrot said: “… furiously pecking out a note…”
    I guess it is true to form that Chaos, the Penguin-at-the-Helm, would focus on a single, fowl, poultry-related sentance of the article…

  3. bunnie fishbones mills

    I was there today for a quick visit, and was impressed with the setup and the surrounding landscape.
    Jane says much work is to be done yet, but it looks amazing already. Love the docks, the lighthouse, the drawbridge, and the landscaping work. Can tell this harbour has a its unique character, also very appropriate for a connection site between two continents.
    But… hey! The smallest boat there are… two VOJ! (grin) The fleet there looks so wealthy, i’m thinking i should maybe fit my Larinda with a helicopter, to be accepted 😛
    But jokes apart, congrats indeed, and look forward to visit often 🙂

  4. This is truly excellent ! Another outpost, another style, and another haven for those seeking shelter from the storm. -Tory

  5. GRIN.
    Exactly, Tory… We are planning for the new raceline in Debelox; once that’s in, we will fill in much of the space between the current start line and the lighthouse with docking and club facilities for incoming sailors.
    Our goal is Sailing, to be a ‘harbor of refuge’ for cruisers and racers, many far from their home ports.
    A cup of coffee, a glass of wine, good talk and good tunes… leave your boat for a few days while you refit before the next leg of your adventure.
    If you love sailing, Danshire Yacht Club’s going to be very familiar, and pretty easy.

  6. Naeve Rossini

    Any chance that the big open area between Corsica and Gaeta could be filled in with OpenSpaces for another sea with racing buoys?

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