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Interview with joro Aya

[Note: With this post, Liv Leigh begins a series of interviews that will highlight the sailors competing in World Fizz Cup 2009. Although Liv is on the Cup Organizing Committee, any and all of her comments here reflect her personal views, not those of World Fizz 2009.

Welcome aboard, Liv!!!!]

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 The dark green Pixie next to me on the couch comes across modest, almost shy. Until two weeks ago the sailing world mostly knew her because of her humoristic nature. And a Flying Fizz mod that she made and raced in: a clog.
Flying Clogs were not allowed in the Fizz Cup 2009, but Joro’s star rose nevertheless: She swept the first two World Cup events, winning all 8 of her races. This weekend Joro might write history with the longest winning streak in Fizz Cup history. Liv spoke one of SL Sailing’s new heroes.

joro Aya: I love the sea, from a distance

Joro leads the pack in Fizz Round 2

Joro leads the pack in Fizz Round 2

Liv Leigh: I was kind of intrigued by the shop in your profile and went over for a look. Can you tell me something about it?
joro Aya: Not much to tell, it tiny little shop that sells some furniture. Fantasy inspired furniture.
joro Aya: I started making furniture, mostly beds, some four years ago with another alt. Had a big shop back then.

Liv Leigh: I see. so you go a long way back in sl.
joro Aya: Heh, not as long as some.
Liv Leigh: I know. but 4 years is a long time. did you already sail by then?
joro Aya: No.
Liv Leigh: how did you get into sailing
joro Aya: A few months ago Miss Bunnie took me sailing. Was an ACA race. After that i was hooked and bought an ACA too.
Liv Leigh: Bunnie Mills..
joro Aya: Yes. She’s good friend. we make things together.

Liv Leigh: Yes, I remember you being around a couple of months in sl sailing. I mostly noted the fizz mods you made. Especially the clogs.
joro Aya: Heh, that’s the only fizz mod me made so far. So… what others did You see? 🙂
Liv Leigh: The flying flubbers.
joro Aya (giggles): Oh, that thing. That was never completed, was only a little experiment.
Liv Leigh: It is rather characteristic. Have you made more clogs?
joro Aya: Working on one, to replace the one I made.
Liv Leigh: Ahh I see, another boat. That is the only clog-shaped item you made?
joro Aya: No, I was sailing the clog one day and thought, “Why not use the sculptie to make boots?”
joro Aya: So me maked clogs for wearing too
Liv Leigh: For yourself or also to be sold?
joro Aya: Also to be sold, but haven’t sold a single pair yet 🙂 Could use the money, SL is expencive. but I don’t really care much. I make things because it’s fun to make them.

joro Aya in her own habitat

Liv Leigh: Back to sailing.. you entered the flying fizz cup 2009 as one of 75 subscribers, now you have won the first 2 events, sweeping all 8 races. You must be aware that it is one of the longest winning streaks in Fizz Cup history, and after this weekend it might even be called historical. What does that do to you?
cup 2 134joro Aya: Makes me feel nervous and uneasy. I entered the cup not expecting much and now… Now Ikinda feel Ihave to do good. It’s still fun though
Liv Leigh: I see. Does it also mean you are adjusting your ambitions for the cup now?
joro Aya: Would be a hoot if i reached the finals 🙂 Would like that.

Liv Leigh: What does sailing in sl now do to you. Did you ever sail in real life or would you have plans for that now?
joro Aya: Any body of water bigger then a bathtub I stay far away from 🙂 Unless it’s on a really really big boat like the ferry to England. I’m terrified of water IRL.
Liv Leigh: I see. You do not live near the sea yourself?
joro Aya: Ehm… I live on the bottom of the sea, kinda. Where I live used to be sea and the people made it land.
Liv Leigh: I see.. a polder
joro Aya: Yes.
joro Aya: I love the sea, from a distance

joro Aya: Heh, I remember the 1st time I accidently fell into SL water. I totally freaked out.
Liv Leigh: You thought your avatar would drown?
joro Aya: Didn’t think anything. I just freaked. Am over that now, I even dare to swim in SL water 🙂
Liv Leigh: And sail in one of the most notorious boats for capsizing.
joro Aya: Yes. Is one of the things I love most about SL. Being able to do things that I would never do IRL.

Joro widens her lead on leg two at Waypoint

Joro widens her lead on leg two at Waypoint

Liv Leigh: For a final question: What would you recommend any starting sailor in sl?
joro Aya: Would recommend not to sail in front of me 🙂
Liv Leigh: Haha great
joro Aya: But seriously…
joro Aya: I would recommend to not take things to seriously and have loads of fun.
joro Aya: And beware of pink boats.

Liv Leigh: Thanks for the interview.
joro Aya: YW.

joro Aya: Me wonder how big the cup is.
joro Aya: Me wonder how much coffee will fit in it.

joro Aya goes undefeated in Round Two for EIGHT STRAIGHT WINS in Fizz 2009
joro Aya goes undefeated in Round Two for EIGHT STRAIGHT WINS in Fizz 2009