Interview with Kei Cioc

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by Liv Leigh

In Dutch, my native language, ‘Kei’ means ‘rock’ or ‘stone’. If a person is a ‘kei’ at something, we mean that he is very good at it. Kei Cioc, 2008 Fizz Cup finalist, has a house full of trophies. His photo wall shows numerous portraits of him and his girlfriend, posing in front of yet another victorious boat on display at ‘Winner’s Row’. After well over a year of racing in more than a dozen of boat classes, Kei’s tenacity is well-known by his opponents. He’s that old fox, always ready to snatch the victory off your plate.

Talent? I have no talent. I am just lucky to be able to start faster than others. And I have a little bit more experience.



Kei and his girlfriend posing in front of Kei’s Fizz 2.0 3

You: In Dutch the name Kei means ‘rock’ or ‘stone’. If we say someone is a ‘kei’ in something, we mean he is very good at it. What does Kei mean in Japanese?
Kei Cioc: It’s a little different. Kei, 恵  in Japanese Kanji, means ‘blessing’. It’s from a part of my RL name.
Kei Cioc: We pronounce it like: “K”, “k-e-i”
You: Okay, so very different than I would.
Kei Cioc: Yes… Not English, like “key”

Kei steps over the line

Kei steps over the line

You: Looking at your profile, I see mostly one thing:
You: sailing..
Kei Cioc: Yes.
You: Everyone who reads it knows, Kei Cioc is a sailor. Do you sail in RL or did you ever do so?
Kei Cioc: never :))
Kei cioc: I m not good at all kind of sports.
You: I see. So sailing in SL is a way to do something you would not do in real life?
Kei Cioc: Yes.
You: How did you end up in SL Sailing. Were you looking for a sport or was it something else?
Kei Cioc: Ahhh…
Kei Cioc: First of all: I live at the Hayama resort in SL, where the owner loves sailing. This man is also a friend of Taku, Taku Raymaker.
Kei Cioc: He is my teacher. He made me start sailing.

You: What were the first boats you sailed?
Kei Cioc: I bought a Tako first, then the Fizz.
Kei Cioc: The Fizz was the first boat I learned to sail correctly.
You: That was the Fizz 2? or the Fizz 1 still?
Kei Cioc: Still Fizz 1, maybe 1.03
You: One of the very first versions.
Kei Cioc: Yes, very few Japanese have it. Taku tought me to sail one on one.
You: You had private lessons from an old master lol
Kei Cioc: Yes, I was very lucky.

You: That is funny, as many Europeans and Americans learn to sail in the Tako. Or at least they think they should start in a Tako. What do you think of that: you learned sail the Fizz well before you mastered the tako. Do you recommend this to others?
Kei Cioc: Ahh… it’s a difficult question…:))
You: Or is it just that you were lucky with a good teacher and plenty talent of your own?
Kei Cioc: Talent? I have no talent lol
Kei Cioc: I am just lucky to be able to start faster than others. And I have a little bit more experience.

Kei Cioc: I like other Tako-based boat very much, they are rather different from Fizz.
You: You seem to like almost all boats..
Kei Cioc: Yes.
You: Can you tell me in which boats you never won a race?
Kei Cioc: In a Tako! lol

header syc- 3 -3-L2-_037 copy

You: I didn’t know that. It seems you win races in almost all other boats every week.. Yet, you say you have no talent.. You must be very competitive then, as you won a number of prices in big race events.
Kei Cioc: I do not like competition so much in reality.
You: Ok.. so in reality you are more calm?
Kei Cioc: I think so :))
Kei Cioc: And I like just cruising, more than racing.
You: Is that your secret? Cruising?

Kei Cioc: I like to cruise alone. The races make my skills increase. For me, a high skill level is nice to enjoy cruising with ease of mind.
You: You must see a lot of nice places cruising. Do you have any favourites?
Kei Cioc: I like my home town Hayama.
Kei Cioc: You know Masa,Ody,Takeshi… (Masahisa Greenwood, Odysseus Yiyuan, Takeshi Shnyder. Red.)
Kei Cioc: They all live there, next to my house.
You: All top sailors… and you are all neighbours..
Kei Cioc: Yep, but it’s an unknown resort. Always empty. I do a secret training there lol

You: Not everyone knows that besides the Fizz Cup finals 2008, you have won the DG470 cup and also now lead the big cat cup, in which you have competed before. How do those boats compare to you?
Kei Cioc: I like the Big Cat very much, the fastest cat in SL.
Kei Cioc: I like all of these boats, but I love Fizz much more than others.
You: I see. So, for the next big tournament, Kei will be there to challenge the others, regardless of the boat?
Kei Cioc: Not challenge, just play together.
Kei Cioc: I dont have to win, but I want to try hard.

You: You have a number of fans in SL Sailing, I know Jane Fossett is one of them. What do you think they will expect from their hero?
Kei Cioc: really ? :)))
You: She mentions you a lot in her sail reports…
Kei Cioc: Jane is my grand teacher I think, She is a teacher of Taku, I have heard. And of course I’m a big fan of Jane’s articles.
Kei Cioc: I’m not a hero, but I’m happy when people have fun to watch me and others in competition.
Kei Cioc: often people who I dont know IM me ‘Good Job’, after the finish. I enjoy that.
You: Do those people also ask you for advice sometimes?
Kei Cioc: Hmm, in few cases, but rarely.
You: What would you recommend those people… or the ones who want to start sail in SL?
Kei Cioc: Do not practice alone.



Kei Cioc at his homeport in the Hayama Estate

 You: What other things you like to do in SL?
Kei Cioc: I like to build on my house…
Kei Cioc: And to watch car racing…
Kei Cioc: My partner in SL is a TOP car racer in the Japanese GrandPrix circuit. She is a very good driver, she won many more races than me.
You: I see, did you ever race cars yourself in SL.
Kei Cioc: Never lol It’s very difficult and requires hard training.

You: There is a lot of discussion in SL Sailing, on high wind speed versus low. Some say we need slower and more realistic boats, others like to race fast and far. How do you think about this?
Kei Cioc: I like both. Fast long races are very intersting of course. But so are realistic boats to me.
Kei Cioc: We need to know about rules or tactics.

You: So far you won all 3 heats in your groups in the 2009 Fizz Cup. What do you expect from yourself now?
Kei Cioc: First of all, I want to enter the GOLD series. :))
You: Let me thank you for the interview.
Kei Cioc: Thank you. 🙂

Kei Cioc: Pronouce ‘K’
Liv Leigh: Hehe yes.
Kei Cioc: I want to tell Mark, (MarkTwain White, Red.)  he called me “key chuck” in the last cup.


4 responses to “Interview with Kei Cioc

  1. Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !
    You are a great interviewer , Liv 🙂

    Let me thank you again that you patiently hear my very poor English.

    It’s my first experience that spoke English as long time as this in SL and/or RL :)))
    And this would be my treasure through life !

    Please forgive me may wrote many incorrect 😦
    My first Fizz was 1.08 not 1.03….

  2. the fastest cat in SL… is the Beach Cat…but the fastest Zin40 cat in SL looks to be yours… 🙂

  3. Alain Gloster

    Kei won his first Big Cat Cup this morning as well.

  4. And to talk about living up to your reputation (or name) Kei cemented this today by claiming the victory in the 2009 Flying fizz world Cup.

    Consistency and class paid off here, in a truely excellent field of racers. congratulations!

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