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Interview with Silber Sands

through the looking glass-silber sands

by Liv Leigh

Don’t forget that behind each avatar
there is a real person with real feelings…

Silber Sands’ profile does not come with light and easy words. As new as she may be for some people in the community, she shows her character and personality, from her love for dogs and Leetle Cats to the way she mastered sailing a Fizz in the Cup. Liv Leigh interviewed her: a story about new beginnings, unknown courses, a fascination by the sea and her ideas to pick up sailing in real life.

I don’t want to race like a robot… so, unknown courses would be fun.

Silber reading in front of her tent at Martinique

 You: I was reading your profile a bit. I was attracted to the poem in it, by Hermann Hesse.
Silber Sands: Yes.. I adore him since my teenage and this special poem means a lot to me.
You: I see.. may I ask a bit more on it, or is it too private?
Silber Sands: Well.. no, it’s not 😉 every time when something ended in life.. I read it.. and it helps me to overcome things and start new.
You: I was wondering if it has a special meaning to you in SL as well..


Silber Sands: hmm.. yes, it has..
Silber Sands: I started in SL in February 2007.. and one year later, I had my first and only relationship here, it ended in December2008 after 10 months.
You: That is a long time in SL.
Silber Sands: It was a weird time.. but it brought me something new: sailing in SL 🙂

You: Did it also bring you together with the ‘Schiffsratten’?
Silber Sands: Yes, in some way.. there was no relation, but I was searching for something new. I know that if I would be still in this relationship, I would have never found the SRYC. Let’s say: I was free for what I really love: sun, sea, community 🙂 Before, all was dark, it was a dark relationship..
You: So sailing.. gives a sense of freedom to you?
Silber Sands: Yes, I like it a lot, and I am thinking about making a sailing-licence in RL as well. There are special offers for students where I live.
You: You are no RL sailor yet then I suppose.
Silber Sands: I am no RL-sailor, and I had to learn a lot about the rules, I am always afraid that someone shouts “protest” to me. That actually happens a lot in the trainings. 😉
You: Quite fanatic trainings then. Maybe other clubs could learn from it. Would you have anything special in mind, if you start to sail in RL? A boat, a place..
Silber Sands: Hmm.. I’d love to sail in the meditteranean sea. But I think, I’ll have to start on the “Alster” in Hamburg 😉
You: A city with a seafaring history.
Silber Sands: yes, that is true, our harbour just had its 820th birthday.

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Sailors Cove Concert and Dedication June 13

camber foils announcement




invites you to a Concert and
Opening Ceremony to dedicate a

Garden of Peace and Remembrance

to support Relay for Life 


11:45am- midnight 

Fishers Island Yacht Club
Garden of Peace and Remembrance




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