Sailors Cove Concert and Dedication June 13

camber foils announcement




invites you to a Concert and
Opening Ceremony to dedicate a

Garden of Peace and Remembrance

to support Relay for Life 


11:45am- midnight 

Fishers Island Yacht Club
Garden of Peace and Remembrance






11:45 am: Opening of the Garden.

Twelve hours of music:

12:00 Noon to 1:00 pm – Joaquin Gustav 
1:00   pm  to 2:00 pm –  RockPianoman Pienaar
2:00  pm  to 3:00 pm –  TBA 
3:00  pm to 4:00 pm –  Trulie Telling 
4:00  pm to 5:00 pm –  Jean Monro 
5:00  pm to 6:00 pm – 87PM Music 
6:00  pm to 7:00 pm –  DaveSmall Finesmith 
7:00  pm to 8:00 pm –  Shannon Oherlihy 
8:00  pm to 9:00 pm  –  CallieDelBoa 
9:00  pm to 10:00 pm  –  Jon Bazar 
10:00 pm to  11:00 pm  –  Paisley Beebe 
11:00 pm to  12:00 am  –  Ichie Kamachi  

The Gardens of Peace and Remembrance.

The gardens are separated into seasons.  On arrival you enter into Summer.  In amongst the expanse of lawn are beautiful flowers, a pond with fountain,  and many areas to sit or explore.  Walk through the gate into Autumn/Fall and experience the rich copper tones so familiar at that time of the year.  Through another gate you enter into Winter with a light covering of snow, gentle snowfall and frosty leaves.   Finally we pass into Spring – for renewal.  Such beautiful shades and an open vista to explore.
In the main entrace area, adjacent to Summer there are 3 boards where you can place a photograph of your loved one. However, you will also find a large board on which to place a photograph of your loved one in each of the other gardens if you feel an affinity with that particular season over another.  Touch the board for an explanation on how to do that.  If you would like you can also light a candle. After exploring, take the time to sit a while and enjoy the peace and to remember those you have lost or those who have won their battle.


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