Interview with Claudia Debruyere

Interview with Claudia Debruyere

Claudia Debruyere is probably one of the prettiest competitors in the 2009 Fizz Cup. While she called herself  ‘The Queen of Capsizes‘ before, she must have caused a number of swimming excursions for her distracted sailing friends as well. Despite all the pressure on her person to do so, she did not enter the ‘Miss Fizz’ competition. Liv Leigh was in for a few surprises in this interview, as she followed Claudia into a seaside villa with paintings of late-nineteenth century masters. The conversation became a story about Claudia’s love for the sea, her sailing family… and her grandchildren.

Toujours jeune

 Claudia at home

Liv Leigh: This weekend we will have the finals of the Fizz Cup 2009, you have sailed in all 6 events so far, but for now the race is done for you. How do you look back on it?
claudia Debruyere: I had a wonderful time with all these events ! before i didn’t sail in races it was the first time for me!! I was stressed but very excited too! lol

Liv Leigh: So it was your first tournament really. And you were thrown into the deep with all those sharks..
claudia Debruyere: Ah lol I am a beginner with the fizz and all the other sailors are wonderful! and had many trainings before !! Not me !lol But they helped me very much with kindness ! They are not sharks, but friends for me!

Liv Leigh: Ah yes, how long before the cup started did you buy your fizz?
claudia Debruyere: I received the fizz with the Glenans group on 23 march! The new fizz ! before I had a simple fizz and I used it only two trainings with Bea.

Liv Leigh: Ah.. so Bea Woodget taught you to sail in it… Have you been sailing a lot before in SL?
claudia Debruyere: I met Bea at Les Glenans club to have a sailing teacher , I used my first fizz with fun mode ! She learned me how to use it in novice mode. I began with competition mode on 23th of march.

Liv Leigh: So you just started to sail in SL in 2009?
claudia Debruyere: Only yes ! but I am a sea woman!! lol I love the sea and RL sailing !

Liv Leigh: You sail in RL… What kind of boats?
claudia Debruyere: Less now, but in my youth very much: I cruised with my parents and all the family in mediterranée at Cannes ! After we went to Bretagne and we spent the summer at an island: houat ! there i sailed with friends on a 420!
claudia Debruyere: Just for the fun, not for races!

Liv Leigh: Ow.. that makes you a much more experienced sailor RL than I am lol And it’s really a thing that’s in the family..
claudia Debruyere: Yes, my father, my sisters and brothers and now one of my sons race in competitons at la rochelle. My two brothers were French champions in the 470. My father sails today to Spain with a big boat !!

Liv Leigh: Ah.. I also saw in your profile a link to surfing…
claudia Debruyere: I am a sportive woman lol! I like to dive undersea, and surf too in big waves, but only on SL. Not in RL. I love the sea world, relaxing and peaceful. Undersea or sitting on a beach, looking at the sun shining on nthe waves !

Liv Leigh: Yes, that’s very beautiful. Even in SL.
claudia Debruyere: I love to look at the sunset or sunrise on the SL sea! It s a wonderful dream. But I like too to fight sailing in races !

claudia1Liv Leigh: There is something special about your way of sailing the fizz. Maybe you can explain it to the readers?
claudia Debruyere: Ahah they call me the mouse!!
claudia Debruyere: Because I use my mouse to ride my fizz! Sails, directions and body! I am a special sailor ! but I dont like tto use computer keys!

Liv Leigh: All of them by mouse? How is this possible?
claudia Debruyere: Not exactly, when I have to use sails and body and at the same time to tack I do use my keyboard! But direction only I use only mouse and arrow on my screen! I feel better!
claudia Debruyere: little touch on the arrows, right or left. I don’t feel that on the keyboard!! lol

Liv Leigh: Do you also sail in mouselook then?
claudia Debruyere: No I use the camera id I need. I am a beginner with the computer! Ahahah! And I type with two fingers!
claudia Debruyere: All my sailor friends did not understand how I could sail with my little nice mouse!!

Liv Leigh: You called yourself ‘the queen of capsizes’ before when we spoke at the waterside once. Your looks must have turned a few other boats around too though, as I remember Bea wanted you to enter the ‘Miss Fizz’ competition.
claudia Debruyere: I can’t be in the Miss Fizz competition because I’ll go to a wedding, Sorry; i am very sad!! And I am a young grandmother, I don’t see myself as miss Fizz. It’s too funny.

Liv Leigh: Do you actually get hit on by other sailors when out on the water? I remember some guys can be pretty persistant..
claudia Debruyere: I have a young look and I feel myself as 2 years, that’s old in SL! lol I enjoy all as a young woman and it’s wonderful!! :-)))
claudia Debruyere: I want to meet many sailors ! they are good and funny frends for me ! never too persistant as you say. Good friends only and I want to invite them to a party at my home later ! I found a wonderful frienship, really nice in the races, and I want to thank all for that!

claudia6claudia Debruyere: I was the only french sailor :-((

Liv Leigh: And the best french in the cup 😉
claudia Debruyere: Alone :-(( it was easy alone!! lol Next year I hope to become better and faster !

Liv Leigh: You seem to enjoy yourself a lot in SL, and not just in sailing. What other things do you like to do in SL?
claudia Debruyere: Many things. I have not enough time to do all that I like ! And I can’t spend all my real time online. I like to go to live concerts! I know many good singers as you could see on my profile, I like to explore new sims, a little aventure ! I like to meet people of all the world and yes I like very much to dance. With animations I am an excellent dance woman !!
Liv Leigh: Ah.. that is nice. Do you have any favourite places where you like to go?
claudia Debruyere: yes I go often to Rhapsody Isles, to the piano terrace or the concert lawn! where I can dance and listen to good singers. My private sim, it is a tropical island: a wonderful place for me! And I often go to a new french club: ‘La rose rouge’ and to ‘Junkyard blue club’ for blues and country music !

Liv Leigh: You have your own sim?
claudia Debruyere: It’s the sim of me and herma Argus, my friend. A whole sim for us!! nice!!lol

Liv Leigh: That sounds really relaxing
claudia Debruyere: It is. I want to organise a party there after my holidays and invite all the sailors I know ! :-))

Liv Leigh: You mentioned you’re a young grandmother. I guess your grandchildren will also learn to enjoy the sea…
claudia Debruyere: My children are married, but none of my grand children like sailing as me!! They like to swim and take sunbaths. lol

Liv Leigh: Ahh..they take it easy on the beaches.
claudia Debruyere: lol Yes that is the new young people now! All must be easy, cool.

Liv Leigh: I may go to the beach myself tomorrow. If the temperature stays like this..
claudia Debruyere: I live near the basque coast: Biarritz! but for my holiday I go to Bretagne, on the seaside with my mother and my family and there i enjoy the sea always!

Liv Leigh: That’s great. I only was in Bretagne once, when I was very little.. like 3 years old
claudia Debruyere: I’ll sail there a little with my sister on her old 420. And yes, like you I swim and take sunbathes!

Liv Leigh: Thanks for the interview. Let me ask you one more question: What would you advice to new people who want to start sailing in SL?
claudia Debruyere: What a great question!! lol

Liv Leigh: I ask it to everyone 😉
claudia Debruyere: Don’t be afraid, you could learn sailing in SL with other sailors. The best way is to practice with them and begin to race even if you’re a beginner, because it’s such a funny and nice time!


One response to “Interview with Claudia Debruyere

  1. What a nice and positive woman Claudia seems to be. I didn’t meet her inworld yet but she seems to be so real, so grounded, so well-balanced.

    I liked her last sentence, particularly the part about racing. It’s so true. I met some new sailors telling me they “don’t dare” racing against the more experienced sailors. What are they afraid of? Don’t they know our avies are incapable of blushing?

    And here comes Claudia, a self confessed RL granny with limited RL sailing experience and even less in SL – and she participates in the Fizz Cup, the hardest racing event in SL!!! I love that attitude.

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