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tom247 woodgett_026a

Navigating across multi-sim waterways is a common problem, particularly for a new sailor trying to learn a race course. Most sailors refer to race charts and keep a Mini-map open on their screen to monitor their location. That really doesn’t work too well in Blake Sea, however, since there are many submerged objects that clutter up the mini map, making it pretty useless. It’s also very difficult to see Blake race buoys on the World Map!

 In response to sailors’ frequent complaints about this, Chaos Mandelbrot and Joepie Korobase both put together simple HUDs that help sailors identify specific landmarks, such as race buoys. Although these HUDs work quite nicely and many people like them, I never found them very helpful. Any additional gadgets I need to adjust or keep track of during a race just seem to make things more confusing.

For the past few weeks, however, I’ve been using a GREAT, very simple HUD made by Tom247 Woodgett. It does exactly what I want, and it’s so simple to use even I don’t get confused. I think this HUD could be great for teaching, and Tom247’s agreed to offer sailors a version for Blake Sea that shows the Madaket PHRF racecourse for just $1L!

Tom247 hud 01

 The HUD sits in the corner of your screen and shows a tiny image of the Madaket PHRF Racechart. You can see it in the picture at the top of this article. If you click once on that HUD icon it pops up to normal chart size, as shown above. Your boat’s location on the chart is identified by a red dot that’s continuously updated while you sail. With that one click you can instantly see where you are.

If you click the map again, it goes semi-transparent, so your view of other boats and markers won’t be obstructed. If you give it a third click, it goes “poof” back to the corner of your screen. There is nothing to set up, no calculations, no buttons to mis-click.

Tom247 makes interactive charts for use with his powerboats so he’s an old hand at this. He’s offerring the Madaket Map HUD for $1L at his store in Firespire and at the NYC Loft. If people find it useful, he’ll offer a wider range of racemaps and options for sailors.

Give it a try, tell tom247 what you think. For $1L… you may never get lost in Blake Sea again!

NYC Loft


2 responses to “Smart Boat Madaket HUD

  1. Fearless Freenote

    Lost is my middle name. Sooooo When I saw this one linden almost chart plotter, my wallet opened.

    Sigh… there’s no adjustment for the HUD. It defaults to the lower rh corner of my screen. About 50 percent of it was offscreen.

  2. Attach the HUD to the “Center” or “Center 2” position! Sometimes if there’s already something using the center HUD position, it will bump to a corner slot and the map will rez incorrectly.
    To attach correctly, go Inventory, right-click the Madaket Map HUD, and select “Attach to HUD:” then select “Center 2”. It will always prefer that spot thereafter, and your maps should look like the images I showed!

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