Style, Substance, and a few Classy Moves: The 2009 J-Classic

2009 J-Classic 5

Eighty years ago a  small handful of truly wonderous boats competed for the America’s Cup under the “J-rule.” Only 10 J-Class were ever built and their brief reign on the seas lasted only a decade. However the majesty, substance and style of the J-Class fleet captured the imagination of the entire world, and images of J-Class still live on in the dreams of the generations of sailors that followed.

This year the dream comes alive again, as a new fleet of incredible J-Class boats hits the water in Second Life. Within the next few weeks, Trudeau Yachts will launch the latest version of this classic racer, and this boat’s just aching to hit the startline. SL Sailors are ready… to make history once more. So here we go, announcing the:

—- 2009 JCLASSIC

The 2009 J-Classic will be an open, multi-site, One Design race series for Trudeau J-Class boats.


Each boat competing in the regatta will be registered to a “Sailing Team” of 2-6 individuals who sponsor the boat and work together during the series to help that boat win.

The competition will begin with a series of distance races. Each race will span 60-80 sims and take approximately 60-90 min to complete. Individual Yacht Clubs and sailing groups will be involved in the planning and hosting of distance events at their ‘home’ raceline. Depending on the number of boats in the competition fleet and the number of destination clubs involved, a total of six-eight distance races will be held, one each week. Two time slots will be offerred for each race, for the convience of sailors in different time zones.

J-Class logo2

The final scoring of the competition fleet will be decided by a point-based rank comparison of each boat’s best four race results (out of 6-8 total). The four fastest boats (and their associated Sailing Teams) will then go on to compete in a one-day J-Classic Finals Regatta, sailing four heats on an Olympic-style short course designed to challenge the sailors’ tactical sailing ability.

The 2009 J-Classic competition is designed in the true tradition of ocean yacht racing from years past, with an emphasis on fun, excitement, and a team sailing effort. The open-team approach and the large number of ‘throw-outs’ means a sailor can be part of the competition with minimal stress and without a major disruption to his/her RL schedule. Miss a couple weeks’ races? No worries; your team is still on the water.

I’ll announce the regatta dates for the competition soon after the new J-Class is launched, and post all the race information and details at that time, both online and in world!


Note: Thank you to Surfwidow Beaumont for a truly incredible job on the “J-Classic promo video” above!
And thank you to the sailors who patiently worked with Surf to make it possible:
Massy Johin, Kei Cioc, Silber Sands, Chad Sawson, and Liv Leigh.


10 responses to “Style, Substance, and a few Classy Moves: The 2009 J-Classic

  1. \o/ YAY!!!

    This humble TrYC harbor master(ess) is currently busy drawing up a nice long natural racecourse around Nautilus City and parts of Blake Sea. We’ll be ready to host one or the other J-class fleet race.


  2. GRIN

  3. Sounds fun!

  4. Becky Baroque


    Now lets get ready to rock ! That event sounds like huge fun and i am in.
    Just let us pray that the holy Lindens will provide some favourable winds and clam seas (a.k.a. not as much crashes as lately).
    I am already curious for more….

  5. I picked up a J Class today and it is one of the finest boats available in SL. Jacqueline, Larinda, and company have out done themsleves with this boat. I can’t wait for the race.

  6. Whoooosaaaa!
    My boss just had Jackie sending me a J-class so I could now even start my own team 🙂
    My first testride ended in an eternal flight on the northern side of Nautilus though 😦
    Will try it again one of the next few days.

  7. Today the RATS fielded a team for the J-Classic!!!!

    I have only one comment:

    So far the 2009 J-Classic preparations are going GREAT.
    I am sooooo excited we have teams building from sailing groups that span the entire globe.
    However, the J-Classic committee does NOT want a oversized lag-encrusted fleet…
    We want less than two handfulls of boats, but boats that are crewed by teams with the ‘right stuff:
    New sailors and ancient mariners, all salty dogs who don’t mind a crash or two over a long voyage.
    You think you have a joke or two we haven’t heard?
    You don’t mind getting wet?
    (WELL! We have a race to tell you about!!!!).
    Hey Balduin, Hey Schiffsratten?

    LET’S SAIL!!!!

  8. Yeah – enough of this use of virtual worlds for conferencing and collaboration. Just call me Thomas Lipton. (grin)

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