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2009 J-Classic Round One AUG 29

J-Classic Round one AUG29

On August 29 2009 fourteen teams of sailors from across the planet
(not to mention distant parts of the grid)
will converge on the startline in Plum Gut sim
for the first Qualifying Event in the 2009 J-CLASSIC Regatta Series:

Sailors Cove to Triumphal!

Naeve Rossini – Nantucket Yacht Club – Minke
Orca Flotta – Triumphal LA Racing
Balduin Abbye – Schiffsratten
Massy Johin – Team Waypoint
Takabou Destiny – Far East Yacht Club

12:00 Noon
Chaos Mandelbrot – Nantucket Yacht Club – Narwhal
Charlz Price – TrYC Second Chance
Linda Christie – Tradewinds Yacht Club
JoyofRLC Ackers – Flying Fishers 1

Don Berthios – Portland Light
Liv Leigh – Second Wind
Alain Gloster – Eureka
Arrekusu Miromachi – Kazenojin Seiringu
Fearless Freenote – Flying Fishers 2

J-Classic Practice AUG17- NYC

2009 J-Classic Registration ends August 24



The 2009 J-Classic Regatta series hits the water on August 29.
Ten weeks and eight hundred sims later, the top four boats remaining will face off in Blake Sea for a Final confrontation.

Only one boat will capture the victory on November 8; only one team will raise sail for home brandishing Oli’s Cup high overhead.

Come join us!

You can get the current details here:

The team approach should make this race series a huge amount of fun, and it will  [hopefully] eliminate the scheduling pressure and time commitment for competing sailors over the multi-week event. If you can’t make one of the races, no problem! You team members will fill in as crew!

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PHRF Handicaps, Wild Winds

phrf handicaps july 19 2009

PHRF  handicaps
Here we go! The most recent PHRF Handicaps, including a few new boats, and some tighter numbers!

In the last few weeks, despite some pretty terrible grid-crossing conditions, a group of stalwart skippers added more hotlaps scores to the PHRF database. Thanks to:

Gemma Vuckovic, Francois Jacques, Carmen Foden, joro Aya, Garrick Diesel, Justbent Clarity, Heidi Stiglitz, Angus Moonwall, Dunan Wilder, Chaos Mandelbrot, Cory Copeland, LDeWell Hawker, Oliphant Ming, Julia Ceres, Liv Leigh, Triton Sands, Hal Burnstein, Blackbird Latte, Argus Farman, Vin Mariani, Rodman Mapholisto, Alain Gloster, Jane Fossett, nobuko Criss, Allie Tomsen, Angus Moonwall, Bunnie Mills, CS Price, Emme Eales, Jehan Jameson, Liv Leigh, Naeve Rossini, Nomad Zamani, Reven Fhang, Quirky Torok, Isis Rexie, Everest Piek, Arrekusu Muromachi and Masahisa Greenwood.

Here’s the new table, and it follows the same format and conventions as  previous ones. (Note: I updated the tables below on August 12 based on Lance’s suggestion to post alphabetical and performance-sorted versions. Bosth are shown below. I’ve also color-coded the boat names, based on the wind engine.)


phrf-july-19-2009-hi-low copy

Compared to the last update in early June, the numbers are more consistent and seem to be falling in line with the results from 2008 PHRF (where available). Thanks to Live Leigh, we’ve added a new boat too, the Catfish 33 catamaran. We need to get numbers from other skippers on it, but my guess is Liv’s PHRF lap probably hit it on the nose for this boat: Her lap came in with a perfect, corrected Handicap score of of 1.00 for the new fishy cat!

The JMO-60 is also new on the PHRF list, coming in with an average Madaket lap time of 8:55 and an adjusted handicap of 1.32. This makes the JMO-60 comparable racing to the RCJ-44, as predicted by the very similar polar plot results for the two boats. All three WildWind boats so far tested (RCJ-44, JMO-60, and VOJ-70) prove extremely fast, particularly compared to other boats powered by ‘apparent wind’ tested at Madaket (such as the Shelly, Catfish, and Trudeau Twenty family).

The Wildwind’s strong showing on lap testing appears to be partly due to the way it handles Apparent Wind.

Wind power.
There are three different kinds of wind most sailors think about, whether they sail in Real Life or in Second Life.

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