2009 J-Classic Registration ends August 24



The 2009 J-Classic Regatta series hits the water on August 29.
Ten weeks and eight hundred sims later, the top four boats remaining will face off in Blake Sea for a Final confrontation.

Only one boat will capture the victory on November 8; only one team will raise sail for home brandishing Oli’s Cup high overhead.

Come join us!

You can get the current details here: http://slsailing.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3524

The team approach should make this race series a huge amount of fun, and it will  [hopefully] eliminate the scheduling pressure and time commitment for competing sailors over the multi-week event. If you can’t make one of the races, no problem! You team members will fill in as crew!


If you’d like to register a new boat for the race and form your own team, you can drop a notecard on Jane Fossett in-world, or even better, go here:
https://metaversesailing.wordpress.com/2009-j-classic-registration/ Time is running out, though!

The Regatta Committee will close new team registration
on Monday, August 24.

So far the response has been pretty enthusiastic, and the practice races have been, well… AMAZING.

Here’s a partial list of the teams that will hit the water on August 29: https://metaversesailing.wordpress.com/j-class-cup-2009-race-committee/j-class-team-members-open/

Grin…. So come race J-Class, and see for yourself…

(And Remember, although Team Registration is closing on Aug 24, any Team can add new sailors to their group at any time during the regatta series, even in the middle of a race!)


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