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2009 J-Classic Round One AUG 29

J-Classic Round one AUG29

On August 29 2009 fourteen teams of sailors from across the planet
(not to mention distant parts of the grid)
will converge on the startline in Plum Gut sim
for the first Qualifying Event in the 2009 J-CLASSIC Regatta Series:

Sailors Cove to Triumphal!

Naeve Rossini – Nantucket Yacht Club – Minke
Orca Flotta – Triumphal LA Racing
Balduin Abbye – Schiffsratten
Massy Johin – Team Waypoint
Takabou Destiny – Far East Yacht Club

12:00 Noon
Chaos Mandelbrot – Nantucket Yacht Club – Narwhal
Charlz Price – TrYC Second Chance
Linda Christie – Tradewinds Yacht Club
JoyofRLC Ackers – Flying Fishers 1

Don Berthios – Portland Light
Liv Leigh – Second Wind
Alain Gloster – Eureka
Arrekusu Miromachi – Kazenojin Seiringu
Fearless Freenote – Flying Fishers 2

J-Classic Practice AUG17- NYC