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Last time I told you about the first race of the J-CLASSIC Finals. Waypoint had all the moves, and out-sailed the rest of the fleet to an impressive victory, crossing the line a full minute ahead of NYC-Narwhal, the closest competition.

The Finals certainly didn’t end there, however. There were three more races to go!

The Second Race used the same chart as before, and once again all four boats began on starboard tack.

Finals Race Two 01

 As you can see in the images above, at the start Eureka jumped out front and cut the line in the middle to grab a five second lead over NYC-Narwhal. Waypoint All-Stars was right there on Narwhal’s heels, and Second Chance brought up the rear.

Repeating his tactic from Race One, Toraba Magic shifted early from starboard  to a port tack as the boats began to zig-zag their way through Flat Hammock.

Finals Race Two 02

The images above show the advantage this gave WYC when the four boats met up again near the yellow buoy. At that point All-Stars had already gybed and was on starboard when the rest of the fleet was still on port. as in the first race, Narwhal was forced to yield to WYC, losing position.

Finals Race Two 03

Toraba Magic played this pretty flawlessly, and All-Stars was able to block Narwhal a second time just a minute later as the boats tacked in Sugar Reef.

Finals Race Two 04

The first image above shows the position of the four boats as they reached the first mark (Indicated by ”  * ” ). Eureka maintained its lead position And took the turn well ahead of the fleet, followed by WYC. NYC-Narwhal lost considerable momentum dueling with All-Stars, however, and Second Chance had an opportunity to catch up and move inside at the mark. As the four boats began the reach leg, NYC fell into last place.

Eureka - Race Rock

The above image tells the story at the midpoint of the race; Eureka took advantage of the clean air and open water to build  an impressive lead; Alain had already rounded race rock by the time All-Stars entered the sim. NYC crashed during the reach leg, and withdrew from the race, leaving Trapez and Toraba to follow Eureka’s tail back to The Finish.

Finals Race Two 09

The final images above show Eureka taking the turn in Sugar Reef, then falling into a three-sim Run down to Quoddy Head. WYC and Second Chance Can be seen in the far distance; they never got any closer. This race was Alain’s and he held the front position each and every step of the way. What a great job!

So, with two races down and only two remaining, WYC and Eureka each had first place wins; both teams looked pretty good. Second Chance had 3rd and 4th place finishes and would need strong sailing, luck, and probably some black coffee to catch the leaders.

 NYC-Narwhal was also in real trouble at this point, with only a 2nd place finish on the scoreboard, and they had just used up their only “discard” for the regatta… The story of how they came back in Races Three and Four to decisively win the Cup will need to wait till tomorrow!   Finals Race Two 10