November PHRF Update

PHRF  handicaps
Here’s a quick update of the  PHRF Handicaps, including new boats and stronger numbers. “Handicap Hotlaps” is a fun way to test your skill against other sailors on a short, test-track solo race course. If sailors think they ran an ‘average, good lap’ on the PHRF course in current use, they can save their scores in a database for future reference, and that data will also be used to set ‘performance handicaps’ for different sailboats in SL. The laps are fun, quick and build sailing skills… and after two years of databasing the results, I admit the finding are also pretty interesting.

I posted a summary of PHRF handicap results a few months ago. Since then, many sailors have continued to add laps and try out new boats using the Madaket web-liked PHRF database that is the current PHRF test track. I’m still going through all that information and doublechecking it with boatwrights and beta-testers, but at the request of several sailors let me give you a quick snapshot of a few new boat scores and adjusted handicaps. My hope is to update the  summary handicap information here at least once a month from now on, since the J-CLASSIC Regatta that was taking all my time is now safely tucked away in hiberation!

First off: Let me give another huge thanks to Cynthia Centaur and Francois Jacques for all their assistance developing and expanding the “PHRF Handicap” idea, and helping set up the current test line in Madaket. Oliphant Ming and Chaos Mandelbrot were also invaluable problem solving issues and discussing features.

But let me give the biggest woot out to all the skippers who ran laps and contributed their scores!

Gemma Vuckovic, Francois Jacques, Carmen Foden, joro Aya, Garrick Diesel, Justbent Clarity, Heidi Stiglitz, Angus Moonwall, Dunan Wilder, Chaos Mandelbrot, Cory Copeland, LDeWell Hawker, Oliphant Ming, Julia Ceres, Liv Leigh, Triton Sands, Hal Burnstein, Blackbird Latte, Argus Farman, Vin Mariani, Rodman Mapholisto, Alain Gloster, Jane Fossett, nobuko Criss, Allie Tomsen, Angus Moonwall, Bunnie Mills, CS Price, Emme Eales, Jehan Jameson, Liv Leigh, Naeve Rossini, Nomad Zamani, Reven Fhang, Quirky Torok, Isis Rexie, Everest Piek, Arrekusu Muromachi and Masahisa Greenwood, Herris Merlin, disisme Misfit, Armano Xaris, Charlz Price, Deserted Rhode, Axle Wharton, Dutch Hoorenbeck, Pensive Mission.

Here’s the new table, but please note there are many new boats and laps, and this is only a partial update; I’ll add the rest soon. The table below follows the same format and conventions as  previous ones.

Since the last update a few months ago, sailors have  contributed lap data for several additional , popular boats.

ACA33v2.5 – The ACA32 was introduced in the Spring of 2007 as part of the ACA32-SL Cup and the “ACA-Anywhere” promotion; it quickly became a very popular boat.  The first major upgrade of that original design was the ACA33 in the summer of 2008.  Several revisions followed rather quickly to address different issues with the boat.   Based on nearly three dozen data laps submitted by many sailors in the first half of 2008, the ACA32 scored a handicap factor of 1.16. Since that time well over one hundred laps were submitted on different courses sailing the ACA33v2.0. the results proved virtually identical; the current ACA 33v2.0 score is 1.15. I understand that the ACA33v2.0’s wind engine was re-tuned by disisme Misfit this past Summer, and the Madaket lap data shows the resulting ACA33v2.5 is 13% faster, with a PHRF handicap score of 1.30. Thank you to Carmen Foden and Quirky Torok for their help sorting out the different version numbers.

JG-44 1.01- The JG-44 1.01 is designed by Juli Gothly who’s main store is in Sailor’s Cove: . Her boats are based on the Fizz 3 engine, and the JG-44 in particular has quickly become a very popular one-design racer. It’s showcased at several well-attended weekly regattas. The JG-44 scored a 0.88 in PHRF, based on a relatively small number of laps by Liv Leigh and Tim Warhol. Please don’t confuse it with the WildWind RCJ-44, however! the RCJ-44 has a much different performance response, and a PHRF= 1.35.

Beluga 1.01 – The Beluga is another in Juli’s line, and so far it has a Madaket lap score of 0.62. We’ll see how those numbers hold up as more sailors contribute laps!

RSiX 1.2 – Surfwidow Beaumont’s fantastic windsurfer finally made the list, and the RSiX v1.2 scored the fastest laptimes ever recorded on the test track! It completed the course in a phenomenal 04:42, meriting a PHRF handicap of 2.50. That result soundly trouncing the past speed record holder, the TruCor BeachCat (PHRF= 1.62). Wowzers! Surf has an RSiX 1.4 as well, but at the moment there are too few Madaket laps to say much about it yet. Instead, I’ll show you the video:

SCS Battleship- OK, I admit I know nothing about battleships. Well… thanks to Herris Merlin, maybe I now know one thing: Based on a small number of consistent laps, the SCS Battleship scored a 0.88. (but do people race battleships?)

Lots O’ Links

There were many discussions of handicapping over the past couple years; I apologize if that long trail makes it confusing to some sailors.
To make it a bit easier, I collected many of the links from past posts on PHRF, so people could see what the thinking has been over time.
Here’s a partial list of those links:

Feb 11 2007 Handicapping
A post discussing handicap issues for the then-new “Big-Boat Races.”

Apr 5 2007: Handicapping sailors
A discussion of ‘Handicapping sailors’ not boats. The thread quickly turned into a discussion of whether Pensive Mission looked like a troll and secretly wanted to tie up Cory Copeland. Neither of the latter questions have been meaningfully discussed here since.

Nov 20 2007 Should big-boat races be split up?
Big boat racers decided the newly-released Larinda was significantly faster than the equally-matched Yawl and Defender II. How much faster? J Trudeau, helpful as ever, said she didn’t know and suggested sailors figure it out. I think this thread is the first place the basic ‘rules’ for PHRF Handicap Hotlaps are listed.

Nov 25 2007: Deviant Hotlaps
A discussion of wind variation and its implications for valid, reliable lap time scores. It degenerates into a discussion of whether the sailors are the ‘deviant’ ones…

Nov 26 2007: Trudeau Handicap Hotlaps
Nine pages of laps, data, discussion about performance handicapping.

JANUARY 3 2008: PHRF Hotlaps summary

Feb 3 2008: Adding It All Up
February 2008 update of lap data and handicap scores.

Feb 6 2008 (and many updates): Handicap Hotlaps Results
This is a sticky thread with spreadsheets and summary tables for the different test courses and boats in 2008.

FEBRUARY 11 2008: PHRF Summary

Jun-Oct 2008 PHRF Handicap Hotlaps
12 pages of discussion and data from last year

AUG 7 2008: A New Handicap Hotlaps Course?
A short thread discussing issues with the past phrf test courses, and new ones are proposed and tried at NYC and FIYC.

AUG 10 2008: FIYC Hotlaps
PHRF discussion and data on Epicurus Emmons’ FIYC course.
The results paralleled all the others.

Mar 2009: PHRF Hotlaps 2009
Following the move to Blake Sea, Cynthia Centaur, Francois Jacques, and Jane Fossett set up the Madaket Hotlaps Course with a user-friendly web database system.

Apr 2009: Madaket wind setter out of date – why?
“Unhelpful whining.”

Apr 14 2009: PHRF 2009 Madaket Hotlaps Discussion Thread
Discussion of the new Madaket web-based hotlaps system.

June 2009: June PHRF Update
Summary of the Madaket data compared to 2008.

July 19 2009: PHRF Update, WildWind
More Madaket data, discussion of WildWind boats, concern different wind engines could yield less reliable comparisons.

May-July 2009: RCJ-44 and JMO-60
Specific discussions of performance data for these boats:


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