Waypoint Leetle Cat Distance Race December 20!

Waypoint Yacht Club Announces:

The Second Annual

Leetle Cup Distance Race

December 20, 2009
5:00 am  (SLT)

Start/ Finish: Waypoint Yacht Club

The Race:

The Leetle Cup Distance Race was first held in December, 2008. As the last regatta of the year, it was a tribute to 12 months of great sailing. Perhaps even more important, Taku Raymaker intended it as a fond fairwell to the “old” United Sailing Sims, since the race occurred just before the USS resuffled and moved to Blake Sea.

2008 Start with Eighteen Boats!

For that reason, Taku designed the 2008 LCDR as a single, long distance event that also served as a  grand tour of all the USS clubs and sailing regions. the race was incredibly popular, and I think the 2008 LCDR still holds the record for the single largest one-design race fleet ever. (I count eighteen LCats with sails raised in the above startline view!)

2008 Fleet Rounds Southern USS

Thank you to Commodore Raymaker and Waypoint Yacht Club for their kind willingness to do it all again for 2009!!

Here is a copy of the 2009 Race Chart;  it maintains the spirit of last year’s race, and covers over 40 sims as it traverses the major racing areas of Blake and USS.  Taku’s added a nice twist this year, using three of the nearby race lines as “gates” for the competition fleet.


The LCDR drew a rather huge crowd last year, and this year will probably be no different. in the interests of sanity, Commodore Raymaker plans to limit the race fleet to sixteen LCats, each helmed by a single skipper.  Please send a notecard to Taku if you would like to register to race; start line positions will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis.


There are a number of specific details about Rules for the race gates, and race-day procedures to ensure the race is fun and efficient. Taku will provide all the necessary info well in advance of the race, and I’ll repost it all here as well.

Go Leetle Cats!


9 responses to “Waypoint Leetle Cat Distance Race December 20!

  1. yeeee !! catboat racing time !

  2. woots!

  3. Good news! It’s really refreshing to see major events for small boat for a long time. 🙂

  4. Bravo to the Leetle Cats. The Sea is so wide and my boat is so small, but, Leetle will sail and cross the regions! May everyone enjoy the day and the sailing !

  5. I’m registered!

    Are you???


    • 🙂 !!!
      Early yesterday I received a note from Commodore Raymaker; he admitted he only had two spots still open for the December 20 Leetle Cup Race. Woooots!
      If you still want to sign up, however, please don’t be discouraged! Taku has a waiting list of skippers.
      In most scheduled regattas of both RL and SL, new slots become available 24hrs before Race Day. That could well be true for the Leetle Cup too!
      So if you want a slot at the Start Line on Dec 20 at 5AM, please send a notecard to Taku Raymaker and keep your fingers crossed!

  6. Chaos Mandelbrot

    I count 20 Leetle Cats in the picture.

    • OMG… grin… I thought the far-off candy-stripes in that picture represented a distant lighthouse.
      However, looking closer, I suspect you’re right…
      There were TWENTY LCats with sails raised during the countdown!

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