Big Wins for Kei, Toraba, and Miwha in Leetle Cup

Breaking news:

In a great display of sailing finesse, Kei Cioc grabbed the start in today’s 2009 Leetle Cup Regatta and never looked back,  taking first place with a blistering 00:49:36, nearly two minutes ahead of runner-up Toraba Magic. Miwha Masala was right there on Toraba’s heels too, crossing the finish a half-minute later to capture Third place. This trio dominated the contest today; Massy Johin crossed the line in the Fourth position a full five-and-a-half minutes behind Miwha, and reia Setsuko took Fifth place more than two minutes after that!

Congratulations to Commodore Taku Raymaker, Waypoint Yacht Club and all today’s competitors for a wonderful 2009 regatta. It surpassed the high standards set in LCDR 2008, and forecasts more great racing in the New Year! Woots!

Race Results:
 1: Kei Cioc – +00:49:36
 2: Toraba Magic – +00:51:25
 3: Miwha Masala – +00:52:03

 4: Massy Johin – +00:57:35
 5: reia Setsuko – +00:59:03
 6: Takeshi Schnyder – +00:59:45
 7: Bunnie Mills – +01:01:04
 8: shinobi Woodget – +01:01:17
 9: mituko Brandenburg – +01:01:27
 10: nory Igaly – +01:03:58
 11: Silber Sands – +01:04:29
 12: belladonna Foxtrot – +01:09:07
 13: Armano Xaris – +01:14:18

Lap Times:
 Kei Cioc– lap 0: +00:00:14
 Orca Flotta– lap 0: +00:00:25
 Toraba Magic– lap 0: +00:00:25
 Miwha Masala– lap 0: +00:00:35
 nory Igaly– lap 0: +00:00:35
 Armano Xaris– lap 0: +00:00:36
 Massy Johin– lap 0: +00:00:41
 shinobi Woodget– lap 0: +00:00:56
 ahjep Kattun– lap 0: +00:01:00
 Silber Sands– lap 0: +00:01:07
 Bunnie Mills– lap 0: +00:01:16
 Takeshi Schnyder– lap 0: +00:01:27
 reia Setsuko– lap 0: +00:01:31
 mituko Brandenburg– lap 0: +00:02:07
 belladonna Foxtrot– lap 0: +00:02:32

2 responses to “Big Wins for Kei, Toraba, and Miwha in Leetle Cup

  1. Congratulations to Taku for this fun event… and to all the skippers ! It’s been a good thrill, the course was excellent and challenging, and for some strange reason i survived until the end without a bad crossing !! Just a brief edit incident occurred. Lag was hitting in only a couple of sims, so not bad at all i would say.
    I also appreciated much the choice of wind setting, ‘moderate’ with much variation, was perfect for this race.
    Thanks again !

  2. Boohoo 😦 After waiting at theb startline for an eternity and much preparation I already crashed out after 2 sims. Was even in a quite good position … arrrgs
    /me cries

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