Quick Quiz

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Quick quiz!

Questions 1-12: Name the above-numbered sailors.
I hope I know nearly all of them, but when I switched viewer settings,
only 12 people had names over their heads! Can you name the twelve? 

Question 13: Where was the picture taken?

Question 14: What was the event?

Question 15: Why weren’t you there? 🙂

4 responses to “Quick Quiz

  1. The Awards “Gang” of Mowry Bay Cruisers

    2. Tory Micheline
    5. Saxxon Domela
    6.anyraya Braveheart
    7. AlisonLynn Haystack
    8. Cate Foulsbane
    10. Manul Rotaru
    11. Chaos Mandelbrot
    13. Jane Fossett
    all typos, mispellings are MINE lol

    Taken at the MBCC Oupost

    This was the award presentation by the Mowry Bay Cruising Club for Manul Rotaru being the ultimate cruiser. The award, made by Roc Plutonian, is emblematic of cruising excellence.

    We later sailed to Jacqueline Trudeau’s or some other exotic location. I can’t remember… hehe.


  2. Cate Foulsbane

    Of course I’d have gotten them all, but you got there first, Tory, so you win. What I remember is that it was like herding kittens to get as many standing still as possible. Wait, it’s ALWAYS like that..sailing, posing, whatever. Long live MBCC and our wild and unruly ways!

  3. 4. and 12. : Two skilled and great sailors and excellent boat builders, both of them.

    4. Lamat Lisle

    12. nobuko Criss

    Thanks so much to all, MBCC rocks, Long Live MBCC!

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