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Cruiser Quiz Kids

  A week ago I quietly posted a fun picture from a sailing event, and asked if anyone could identify it. Kudos to Tory, Cate, and Manul for not only identifying the event, but also naming just about every sailor in the picture!!  


The photo was taken  at the start of the Mowry Bay Cruise on November 11, 2009. That evening a copious coterie of committed cruisers collected on the dock, eager to set sail once more. I admit I can’t even tell you where we ended up that night, but I’m absolutely certain everyone had a great time!!!  


I’m adding the ‘Answer Sheet’ for that Quiz Picture below, to confirm the guesses made by the three cruise directors. Wow, they certainly know their fleet!! (If you click the image below it will pop open so you can read all the sailors’ names.)  

Click to enlarge!

Click to Enlarge!

 And in case any of you have been in a coma recently, let me also comment that the Mowry Cruises are amazingly popular.  

David Wetherby sailing a Cotton Blossom

David Wetherby sailing a Cotton Blossom

Although Tory and Manul stepped down from their lead roles with MBCC a few months ago, the cruises they inspired continue to thrive with support from Blackbird Latte, Kittensusie Landar, Cate Foulsbane, Outdoorlover Galaxy and Chaos Mandelbrot, in addition to a long list of hosting clubs and marinas.

This week in fact there were two scheduled cruises on Sunday, and a third cruise on Tuesday. Despite that heavy schedule, the Tuesday cruise was so well attended the sim with the apres-cruise party (Sailors Cove’s Sailors Rest Clubhouse) was overfilled!!  With no exaggeration, I had to wait in line for more than 30 minutes just to get in!!


Great crowd and great cruise!

Thank you to Outdoorlover for leading the fleet, and thanks to Sailor’s Cove for hosting!!

Cruisers sail Mango Yacht Club

MBCC landing at Mango Yacht Club Last September