Sailing Sansara


Sansara is Second Life’s original continent. The name for this huge region refers to a Sanskrit term for a Hindu concept of continuous motion in the physical world, and according to Linden Lab, the name Sansara was assigned to the original landmass  “in order to resolve… ambiguity.” 

(Cough; maybe that’s a stretch… When was the last time you pulled out a Sanskrit dictionary and an old copy of the Bhagavad Gita to ‘resolve ambiguity?‘ 🙂 ).

Anyway, don’t let that name stop you; Sansara has a venerable history that’s closely entwined with the development of SL Sailing, and DPW is busy adding new sailing features!


Sansara is honeycombed with interconnected waterways, and it’s linked by a one-sim corridor to the smaller, Northern land mass called Heterocera Atoll

If you click on the chart below, you’ll get a 2048×2613 pixel map of the Sansara waters that includes the sim names for much of the area; it reveals the large number of navigable waterways that adorn the continent.  Actually, you can sail for many hours exploring the wide open lakes and seas linked by narrow channels that extend across Sansara, and if you want even more, you can continue cruising Northward and enter the inner seas of Heterocera!

 Perhaps its no surprise, there are many sailing groups located in Sansara; here’s a chart template below showing the locations of a few of the clubs, groups, and communities around Adriatic Sea. It also shows the locations of race buoys, Linden racelines (in red) and private racelines (in pink).

 I wanted to talk about Sansara here because the Linden Department of Public Works is currently busy upgrading a number of nautical features across the continent, and it may be a good time for sailors to make suggestions regarding the features they might like to see.

For example, while I was writing this article, Mirtoon sim sprouted a new set of islands. Thanks to Naughty Mole, who was busy at work there adding content yesterday!

Changes are also planned for Icy Bay. Southwest Sansara has an extensive ‘Snowland Region‘ made from a large collection of ice-encrusted sims as shown in the figures below. Although Snowland is one of the largest SL regions without a major waterway, it’s eastern edge drops into Icy Bay, a region composed of a half-dozen arctic-themed water sims. Icy Bay presents a nice change of pace for skippers familiar with SL’s traditionally warmer sailing themes. DPW is planning more content features there, including snow and ice on the water.


Probably the biggest content change, however, is Mare Secundus, a newly-defined region of a dozen maritime sims located in the waters west of Mowry Bay. It’s still in progress, but you can’t miss the four-sim, serpentine string of islands that form a “2” on the map shown below. Go visit the region and see for yourself; it’s very nicely done, and it’s hardly secundus class!
[If you do go take a look, a bunch of us are having a debate over the origin of the term “Mare Secundus.” I have three or four suggestions, but my guess is they are all wrong 🙂 ]

10 responses to “Sailing Sansara

  1. Always liked those waterways but never got a good view as these maps provide.
    “Samsara waterways” is quite unique in how it looks like some real world fragmented coastline.
    I have been told the area is not great for sailing as the server class for those sims has not been updated. Can this be demistified maybe?

  2. Chaos Mandelbrot

    When was the last time you pulled out a Sanskrit dictionary and an old copy of the Bhagavad Gita to ‘resolve ambiguity?‘?

    It was last Wednesday at 7:28 am.

  3. Regarding the Adriatic lake or sea . . . the island in the middle includes sim names Bohol and Celebes. Very recently they lost Build and all their trees. LL has been moving sims to presumably individual cores of multi core CPU chips, when it’s a location about which they think no one cares.

    Those two sims, especially Celebes, are in the middle of that sea’s race course and being able to rez from them was valuable. It’s all Linden land and it’s not clear why Build was turned off.

    Not good.

  4. Orca knows it all ... better ;)


    Yes, probably most of the sims in Mowry’s backyard are running on class 3 servers – let’s not forget the Mare Secundus area is really really old – and also are suffering from the usual mainland lag problems … BUT on good days we used to have exciting and technically perfect races there. Sailing through the Mallard channel is kinda exciting as it is, and now imagine a fleet of super fast RCJ-44 yachts RACING thru it!!!

    Yes, we did that! Was crazy, was fun, was frustrating, was hard fights … in the end it was just too much.

    Unfortunately the quality of sailing in Mare Secundus and Adriatic Sea became worse and on some days the chances of survising our legendary OMG! race went even down to zero. Quickly the Mallard Channel got its new name of “Channel of Death” and I moved the RCJ-44 saturday nooners to Nautilus/Blake Sea waters.


  5. Elisha Paklena

    “Adriatic Sea?” Even that name has been deprecated – go look. It’s now the “Sea of Fables.”

  6. …where are you reading these official linden names for geographic features?..i’ve ever only heard them word-of-mouth, but i’d love to learn the source…

    • Hi Myrrh!
      Here’s my understanding:
      Second Life is composed of a zillion sims and as you know, each sim has it’s own, unique name. The various Mainland sims are often grouped together into named “Regions” that provide a degree of theme consistency to the proximate sim clusters.
      On a larger scale however, multiple regions are often aggregated into large, geographically-connected land masses, AKA “continents.”
      I put that in quotes, however, because the “Continent” and “Region” concepts in SL are pretty informal, and the name conventions for them are equally arbitrary. For example, the “Big Fish” region is now (I guess) part of “Dire Strait,” and the area I’ve always called “Adriatic Sea” was just without fanfare renamed “The Fabled Sea.”
      Hey! Plus ca change, plus c’est le meme chose…
      The Jeogeot continent is two othern names as well: “The Southern Continent” and “The Korean Continent.”
      I appreciate this can be confusing, but names become important when you’re trying to clearly define issues that involve large collections of adjacent sims. 🙂
      If you want to get a great, actively updated map of all the mainland areas that includes many of these names, stop by Citizen’s Plaza and pick up an
      LL Map Kiosk by Carl Metropolitan; it’s pretty nice!
      Carl Metropolitan Maps

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