Romance on the Digital Seas

This will be quick, I promise… but darn, it’s important :-).

Sailing in RL and SL can be be rather wonderous, and often it’s a uniquely romantic experience.
I’m pretty hard-headed I know; but for me, gazing at the stars on an overnight passage is often an overwheming experience.
I’m frequently rendered speechless… to everyone’s great relief. 🙂

If you are landlocked or a non-sailor reading this, you may not fully understand, so here is a clip of Patrick Leavitt and Fanci Beebe from a few months ago to get you in the mood. If you sail Sailor’s Cove or anywhere else in SL, I’m sure you already have many similar images.

RJ in black knee socks and a PFD, Nov 2006

But here’s my point: What’s wrong with that video?
Well, in my humble opinion, I think it’s missing the single most romantic thing any sailor can do for his/her partner

If you really want to show caring and affection for those you take sailing… give them a life jacket. They will understand, and know you are watching over them.
Frankly, on the occasions a skipper shoved a jacket at me and gruffly said ‘Wear this,’ I admit I prolly never once said ‘Thank You.‘ However, I guarantee that each time it happened, I thought to myself  “Wear the damn jacket, Jane. He’s trying to save your life.”

In SL, SLCG life jackets are free… and they are cute, too.
Most important however, if you use the jackets here… you will remember to use them in Real Life too.
The statistics are compelling:
If we all do that one, small, free, incredibly romantic, easy thing… we will save real lives.
That’s it; that’s all I have to say; wear a pfd, save a life, and feel really great about it.

Consider this a mini- SL Public Service Announcement on behalf of Fanci, Patrick, Sanstrom, RJ, Tig, Jane… and all SLCG.

Now GO SAIL!!!


3 responses to “Romance on the Digital Seas

  1. beejee boucher

    LOL i was a biggie way back ;))))

  2. Patrick Leavitt

    The good thing is that right after I finished singing to Fanci I handed her a PFD . It was right before we hit a reef because no one was piloting the boat.

    Next Patrick Leavitt sings a hearty round of Swing Low Sweet Chariot in his deep Bing Crosby sounding Baritone voice……

    • <–would feel happy and safe in a boat with Beejee or Patrick (as long as I were wearing a Life Jacket).

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