Daily Archives: August 10, 2010

Editorial: New Water, New Headings

Hiya! I don’t often add editorial comments here, and frankly, that is pretty intentional. Metaverse Sailing is  9o% my opinion, and most of the time I don’t think that opinion is worth so many pixels.

I guess I am writing this because,  like many people here, I sail in Real Life. I guess my ultimate “philosophy” on this blog is simply to do supportive things to grow a broad-perspective  for an online sailing community.

From personal experience, I’m convinced that maybe half the people in online sailing are knowledgable about some aspects of what happens in real-life cruising and racing. I don’t need to tell them much… they have the smarts and can do what they want. However, after four years here and with a foot in each world, I have a few ideas. Mostly, I’m pretty convinced that both groups (RL and SL skippers) have a legitimate, real-life tag; in other words, a deeply embedded link that binds them to this community and these discussions.

I respect they are all part of an incredible grid-wide community. It is global in scope and remarkably diverse in opinion and expense. I was personally an Opti superstar at one moment in time, and now I like to think of myself as a “disturbingly good mid-size PHRF tactician…” I’m pretty sure everybody else fits in here someplace similar.

Grin. I’m sorry, maybe it’s my failing, but I somehow also always think every sailor shares some part of my own hope and vision.
We are sailors, we are why this world succeeds…
We know there is no true boundary,
and we know the real challanges that separate our cultures and multiple nations.
I think at some level we all know…  Sailors can save the world.

OK, I know I am not too critical;
anyone who contacts me… any language, any level, any personal issues…
I know I gush enthusiastic and invite them to join in. It’s my problem, perhaps…
but I really think the intelligence, skill, support and community depth
we have all evolved over several years here ….
is something pretty remarkable;
Incredibly remarkable.

I hope and pray we keep the spirit and substance of SLSailing alive, online and in RL.