New ONE: Trudeau One v1.13b released

A few days ago I talked about a minor racing glitch in Trudeau ONE. When a T-ONE v12.x strongly heeled (usually on an upwind beat with wind speed equal or greater than 9.0m/s), the boat’s Speed-Over-Ground sharply deteriorated. There’s nothing wrong with that actually, since heeling impairs sloop propulsion in RL too, for several reasons.

However, in T-ONE v1.2x  several skippers pointed out that a sailor could overcome the heel effect by ‘waggling‘ the tiller back-and-forth. That maneuver appeared to counteract the heel effect on the boat, allowing ONE to accelerate. An analogous problem was previously noted on Fizz 2.x and other boats. The ONE waggle problem was rather obscure, but was nonetheless a potential exploit a skipper might use to win a tight race.

Let me emphasize that I doubt skippers would actually use that ‘waggle’ trick. The sailors who complained the loudest were among the most involved, winning skippers: Armano, Chaos, Joly, and others. They were all excited about ONE, but also wanted to eliminate any possible script exploit that could give a boat an untoward racing advantage. They wanted realistic T-ONE races where they could win fair-and-square. (Please give them a round of applause for that!)

I’ve no intention to speculate on the script issues underlying the little ‘waggle’ glitch; I’ll leave that to others. However, I did spend a lot of time chatting with sailors (mostly Armano and Chaos) and testing out waggle issues. Most sailors feel the waggle-boost in later versions of ONE is small, and race-insignificant. Nonetheless, I think it’s pretty exciting that Trudeau Yachts took the issue seriously and just released a new update… ONE v1.13b… that fixes the problem beyond everyone’s satisfaction.

I’m sure there will always be a flood of suggestions, and many passionate opinions about boat issues in SL. I also appreciate only a few such issues will prove valid or serious enough to merit an upgrade…

But WOW, thank you to Trudeau Yachts for taking the time and attention to consider user issues and appropriately respond where they think it’s indicated.

Actually, that’s not the full point; please let me restate that:

Thank you to J. Trudeau for understanding and appreciating how many people in SL are trying to really sail your boats. The Trudeau Line keeps gets better and better, and a polyglot fleet of polished skippers are standing on RL and SL docks around the world, smiling broadly in appreciation.

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