Fruit Islands Expands Sail Race Training

by Elbag Gable
(edit: Jane Fossett)

Muskmelon Race Training Centre

Fruit Islands Estate and Mango Yacht Club are pleased to announce the opening of a new Centre for Sailing, Racing, and Match Training in Muskmelon Sim.

The expanded teaching area and resources will hopefully cater to the increasing requests from sailors looking for ways to gain advanced sailing skills.

The Muskmelon Centre builds on our Sail Training School located in Strawberry.

Strawberry will focus on basic sailing instruction and as well as a set of select, more advanced topics.

We are all very excited at the prospect of a new centre that can help build sailing knowledge and skill in SL, and we hope it might play an important role building future standards for SL racing. However, our most important goal is really to  get sailors on  the water, having fun.

Both the Strawberry and Muskmelon locations have a relaxed style and approach, and we encourage sailors at any level to come visit when they have a free moment. Visitors will find a large number of self-study slideshows on different topics, covering multiple boats. The centres will also hold regular group classes and topic-specific meetings to review and practice tactics, logistics and race rules.

LdeWell Hawker had a central role developing the new facility, the racelines, and the teaching program, building on the huge effort started by Isis Rexie. Hawk will run classroom-based training courses and in-water instruction on Fruit Islands’ designated 8 sim L-shaped Race Training area. There are FOUR separate racelines installed in that area, and each sim has a WWC windsetter installed. There will always be default wind available in case you lose your puff!

We hope that many experienced SL sailors will take a look and test out the new waters, and we’d love their assistance and input as we develop courses, teaching, and plan events. You can contact any of us listed below.

We will be catering to all classes of boats and we’re already allocating time and resources to the T-One ONE WORLD event this January (Fruit Islands will host “ROUND TWO” again. Last year, Mango’s Commodore Isis Rexie finished a FULL THREE MINUTES ahead of the second-place boat… in a field of Fifteen crack race teams). (Editorial note: Liv and Momomos helped a bit 🙂 )

This year Mango believes T-ONE is a boat made for Fruit Island waters… Come  give it a try, and see if you agree 🙂 !

Although we always have a big smile in Fruit’s tropical island setting, we admit we’re pretty serious about teaching. You want to learn racing tactics? Hawk ‘s set up a great program that uses Qyv Inshan’s Quest Match boats, fueled by Becca’s BWind engine. No matter what boat you eventually plan to race, we think a few hours playing at Mango with Hawk’s recommendations can put you into overdrive on the race circuit.

Come visit and rez a boat anywhere in Fruit Island’s 100+ sims of water, and please let us know if we missed anything or can do something that will promote sailing and get you laughing on Second Life’s waters.

Elbag Gable
Brenda Hoisin
LDeWell Hawker
Qyv Inshan
Isis Rexie
Equinox Pinion
Dennis Lagan

4 responses to “Fruit Islands Expands Sail Race Training

  1. Tonight the “Midnight Madness” mixed fleet sailed Elbag’s EG-01 long course. We sailed with a windspeed slightly under 9 m/s, and the two Trudeau ONE boats in the fleet both crossed the finish line after roughly 30 min of tough tacking.
    Nice racing!

  2. LdeWell Hawker showed me around the match racing project in Fruit Islands last time I was there. That is a few months ago I must admit..

    I have to visit again very soon, since it is clear that in Fruit Islands some people are working ona number of interesting projects that will be able to help us further develop our sailing simulations in Second Life.

  3. Wauw… just look at those pictures. First we have the really nice Fruit Islands and their waterways, then they build several quality teaching areas, and now they add those fabulous training facilities. Look at them… They are almost better than real life. Imagine having the laylines painted on the course whilst training. This looks absolutely fantastic and very promising for the future of sailing in SL. In fact I think RL sailors might even learn stuff here. I love it, and I cannot wait to try it out… in – uhm – real life 😀

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