Tradewinds Launches Bolero Thursday at Noon

Last evening Liv Leigh announced that Tradewinds Yacht Club will host a launch party for Balduin Aabye’s latest boat, the Bolero!

The Bolero was inspired by a real-life knockabout rebuild of one of the first Shields hulls. From what I can see, Balduin’s creation comes very close to the original!

Come to Tradewinds today and see for yourself!

3 responses to “Tradewinds Launches Bolero Thursday at Noon

  1. What a great party!

  2. Woots!
    Balduin’s BOLERO 2.0 launched!
    The SL version of Bolero is a truly gorgeous rebuild of an early hull from the legendary Shields Class, as discussed above and in the embedded links.
    Thank you Balduin Aabye for reviving and enhancing a legend!

  3. It is sooo exciting. Besides fabulous sailing, trimming and accommodation, this boat is rumoured to have features never before seen inworld… be there or be square.

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