ONE WORLD Registration Opens!

Woots! Registration is now open for the ONE WORLD Race Regatta !

Red Arrow points to the ONE WORLD Registration link!

If you want to help organize a race team to compete in the ONE WORLD Qualifying Rounds that begin January 8, here is the link to the online Team Entry Form.

(I’ve also added the Entry Form to the right column link-list for this page.)

If you are interested in sailing but you haven’t yet thought about a team, that’s OK! The Form only asks for a ‘Team Name,’ ‘Contact Person,’ and ‘Preferred Racing Timeslot.’ That information can all be changed later. I’ll publish the full spreadsheet late in December and the teams are welcome to edit and upgrade their info details. That way any team can add new sailors, change their race preferences, and/ or correct my posting mistakes. 🙂

Please note: All the Regatta discussion, questions, and race detail issues should be posted to the ONE WORLD thread on, not here.  🙂

That way everyone involved can easily share the same info, not miss anything, and add their personal input as well!

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