Daily Archives: December 8, 2010


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Networked Info Posters

This week I’ll send out ONE WORLD announcement posters to the SLSA Community. The posters are connected to a simple network server, and the information will be continuously update prior to (and during) the race series.

If you rez the poster and click on it, you’ll get:

  • Scripted links to the Web Articles and Discussion Forum here and on SLSailing.net about the Regatta;
  • A Notecard with basic information about the race (the current notecard text is posted on the ONE World SLSailing.net thread);
  • A scripted link to the “Team Sign-up Form” where sailors can register;
  • A link to the ONE WORLD SAILING REGATTA in-world SL Group; and
  • An additional copy/ mod poster sailors can place to promote the race.


The ONE WORLD SAILING REGATTA SL Group will be the ‘Official’ in-world group for announcements, discussions and race-related chat.