Six in Siracusa

ONE WORLD Round Six will be hosted by Tradewinds Yacht Club in Dex!
Here’s the poster with the schedule:

Click (or double click) to enlarge

Commodore Liv Leigh is in charge, and all the races will take off from the Linden raceline in Siracusa. The race chart is posted below, and the wind settings are:

cruise wind dir 177
cruise wind speed 16
cruise wind gusts 25
cruise wind shifts 30
cruise wind rate 1.0

Click (or double click) to enlarge


In addition to a hot weekend of racing, JakeSpeed Northman’s put together a pretty great set of parties to celebrate the regatta at Tradewinds.

Following the Friday 4:00pm heat, Tradewinds will hold an Opening Party with a Phantom of the Opera theme from 5 to 7 pm in Dex. According to Jakespeed, the event will be:

“A Masquerade Ball, featuring the Musical Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Phantom of the Opera. Guests are invited to wear masks, close the mini-map and uncheck ‘display avatar names’, making it a memorable (and anonymous) masquerade event.
The party area will feature some gothic accoutrements and lighting, but the emphasis will be on the people and the music though, in keeping with the Tradewinds Tradition.”

The Round Six Closing Party will be at 3:00pm with a “Chess” theme! Jakespeed says the event will feature:

“The Tim Rice Musical “Chess” Soundtrack – Come dressed in black and white; there will be a checkered dance floor, and a chess piece decor, so wear your favourite chess piece!”

See you in Siracusa for SIX !!

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