San Francisco Seven

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After a fantastic weekend of sailing the Tradewinds of Round Six, the next stop on the ONE WORLD pro-sailing circuit is Golden Gate Yacht Club. Don Berithos and Roan Blackburn will host the event, and the race course will showcase the great racing waters of Dire Strait. All heats will take off from the Linden raceline in Fedallah, a spot well-know to racers from this past summer’s SL-VT Cup event.

As shown below, the ONE WORLD Round Seven Course proceeds south-southwest, and seems to form a pentangle around the Leviathan in Ahabs Haunt. There’s no witchcraft involved, however, unless you’re worried about that submerged wreck in Rachel sim! Don Berithos tells me that wont be a problem with the course he’s designed, but hey– be careful anyway. 🙂

There will be two social events linked to Round Seven and hosted by GGYC. The first is on Friday, February 18, 1:00pm SLT at the GGYC Club House in Schilli. That Round Seven opener event will have a “Jersey Shore” Boardwalk theme, and promises to be a great kick-off to some kick-ass racing over the next two days. 🙂

After all the fleets have finished and the last air-horn goes quiet, GGYC will celebrate the Round Seven teams with a Regatta Gala Event on February 20 at 12 Noon SLT in Golden Gate sim. Don’t miss it!

Here’s the chart for the Round Seven races, and the wind settings are listed below it. Fair winds to all the race teams, and remember: Seven’s a lucky number!!

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Here’s the map of rez zones along the course:

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See you in San Francisco for Seven!!

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