Buy a Floral Tribute for Epi!

Reposted with permission from Surfwidows Web:

Wear your ‘The Last Rose’ Lilly’ $25L (with silver anchor and Bling) .
This is for the late great sailor teacher and in world mentor Epicurus Emmons –
wear it with pride – All proceeds go to the Real Life floral tribute from SL Sailors for Pippa.

Thanks to Patrick and Fanci
Get it here

or from the following marinas and Yacht clubs

Fruit Islands thanks to Lizzo

Danshire YC thanks to Jane

My Mall here thanks to Weston

Marktwain White proudly wearing his - you should too!

Hollywood thanks to Nber and Mark and at the Tugby field

Triumphal – thanks to Orca

Golden Gate YC thanls to Don Berithos

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