Welcome to Island Yacht Club -SL!

Commodore Dale Irata just launched Island Yacht Club -SL; it’s the Second Life counterpart to Island Yacht Club in Almeda, California (USA).

Here’s the brief background detailed on their website:

“This idea started as Commodore Dave was talking with people in-world in preparation for his “virtual sailing” demonstration at the March 19 2011 Membership Dinner. Dave (or rather, avatar Dale Irata) had been a long-time but inactive member of the inworld Tradewinds Yacht Club; he went there several times and met several of the officers and active members.
“Dale (using the avatar name, since this happened inworld) soon connected with Don Berithos, a former commercial captain and now owner/Webmaster of http://isailsl.blogspot.com , an amazing site for fans of worldwide racing at the level of the Louis Vuitton Trophy and America’s Cup. Don is also Commodore at Golden Gate Yacht Club in SL, home of the inworld projects from those two international racing organizations.
“Don gave Dale a tour of GGYC-SL’s facilities, including the detailed scale models of the LV Trophy and America’s Cup. During their conversation, he made a mention that he had space for our Club as well.
“A few weeks went by, and March 19 came around. Dave set up the laptop in the clubhouse dining room, logged in, and Dale soon received a message from Don that that he had a “surprise” waiting.  Dale received and followed a teleport request from Don, and landed on the front deck of what looked like a very familiar building.
“It’s yours,” said Don.  Dale was standing on the deck of IYC’s new virtual clubhouse! A brief tour showed the layout and the building’s location, just down the docks from GGYC-SL (and their amazing collection of AC, Vuitton, and other world-class racers).  And later that evening, Dave was able to show the real-world IYC members the new building.”
It is 3 days later as I write this, and IYC-SL has several new members from inside Second Life.  But last night (Monday), our own John Ratto met Dale at the club, and he is our first IYC RL/SL member!
“That brings our History right up to date, March 22 2011. Stay tuned!”

Island Yacht Club is located in Balista (20, 103, 27), on the East shore of Dire Strait’s great sailing waters. The IYC clubhouse is just a quick walk down the dock from Golden Gate YC, too!

click to enlarge


If you’re interested in IYC, talk to Dale Irata. If you’d like to join Island YC -SL, here’s the in-world link to the group:


And thank you to Don Berithos and Tasha Kostolany for their efforts to help make this happen. Woots!

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