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Sansara Updates

A few months ago I posted a note here complaining about the lack of consistent names for many regions on the SL grid. The continent south of Nautilus is a good example of the point I was trying to make; it’s ‘real name’ is Mãebaleia, but I’ve actually never heard anyone call it that. Most call it… Satori.
Lindens call it that too.

This problem is actually worse for sim clusters within a continent, since the names and even the locations of these regions can change unnoticed, over time. Last August I posted a few maps of Sansara, trying to highlight the changes DPW made over the 2010 summer.  I used region names that I took from the Linden Wiki, but then quickly discovered the information listed was two years old, and rather misleading. 🙂

I’d therefore like to give a big shout-out to Icarus Fallen. He’s been working on an update of the Sansara map that includes a pretty comprehensive (and accurate) list of the regional geographic names and locations in that continent. Here’s the current version of his map. If you see anything Icarus may have missed, there’s a great discussion thread on this topic in the Linden Forum.

click to enlarge

Speaking of Sansara, let me segue here a bit to tell you that Linden Lab recently added roughly two dozen new sims to Bay City’s western edge.

Bourne: Summer-long traffic jam

Woots! The new sims all have Cape Cod maritime names, including Falmouth, Wellfleet, Edgartown, Oak Bluff, Truro, Mashpee, and many others. A channel divides the new “West Bay City” from the older, original “East Bay City” sims. (This is starting to sound a bit like Great Gatsby‘s East Egg and West Egg. 🙂 )

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My favorite part about this story is  the fact the West and East sides are linked by a bridge located in the new Bourne sim. In real life, the Bourne Bridge spans the Cape Cod Canal. It’s the major land access to the Cape, and it’s the ‘gateway’ to the offshore  islands (Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard).

Marianne McCann thinks the thoughtful, accurate naming may be Blue Linden’s legacy. 🙂 Be that as it may, the addition of such a large cluster of potentially nautical sims will surely add excitement and enthusiasm to Bay City’s already wonderful and vibrant community.

Bay City: "It doesnt suck" 🙂

I took a few moments to add the new sims to my earlier maps of Sansara, and I updated the names of waterways using Icarus Fallen’s definitions. There are two versions listed below. The top one is annotated and shows the names of the principal waterways in blue, and the five Linden race lines in yellow.

The one on the right below it has no text, and is intended as a template for sailors who would like to make charts. Both graphics are roughly 6,000 pixels wide, so click (or double click) to enlarge them and feel free to cut out any small piece that suits your need. 🙂


I do have one tiny request, however. If you use the templates and add your own annotations, please remember to visit Icarus Fallen’s website and use his naming conventions. That way we will all be on the same page!


As a final comment today in this ‘Jane does National Geographic‘ post, 🙂 let me add that there are still two large inland water regions that lie unnamed and largely unexplored by the SL Sailing community. The inland seas are located south of FABLES, and lie between the BEAR and BRAUNWORTH regions.

If there’s a push to name these waters, I will of course defer to all the wonderful people who’ve made such huge efforts over  the past several years to build Sansara; it’s their call. However, let me at least suggest  a couple names that might memorialize a job very well done.

How about Icarus Sea and Fallen Lake? 🙂