Hypergrid Sailor II

Over two years ago I posted a very short note about a video.
Bri Hasp had shared it, and it was called HyperGrid Sailor.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here’s what I wrote then:

Sometimes a picture is all you need. An image appears that sparks an idea, and everything changes.
Bri Hasp handed me a video this morning. It shows her sailing a boat designed by Owen Oyen.  Pretty simple stuff: A a jug of wine, a book of verse, a loaf of bread… and Bri [cough, sorry]. … With a smile and a sailboat, Bri steps off the grid, and she is free. The implications are beyond my imagination…
Remember today. Some day we will make new calendars, and we will look back wondering what day everything changed. I know it does not happen all at once, it takes time for an idea to blossom and spread in a caring community, but it starts someplace.
We all know it will happen. …We soon will be free to chose grids based on needs and available resources. we’ll cast off from out home port, catch the breeze, rise off a wave…

and sail the universe.

Well, it’s been two years. Although most sailors are still focused on Second Life, It’s impressive how the number of opportunities on alternative grids are growing.

This month Saxxon Domela announced he was leaving Mowry, and permanently moving to Inworldz. Yoiks!

A few days ago Bri Hasp also advertised a grid stress trial over on Science Sim. Here’s what Quirky Torok had to say about it:

“Oh wow i was there!!
Nothing more invigerating than spending a sunny afternoon sat inside talking to intel nerds :)
However what it did highlight was the great numbers of avatars that could populate a sim from the photo below you can see that there were mega loads there. Take a look at the map!! mostly bots but 194 avatars in one sim and over 650 in four next to each other was really quite impressive. By the way im standing on the box to get away from the bots that constantly bumped into me. I am sure one pickpocketed me!”

Today I logged into OS Grid and aimed for a landing point. I fell in the middle of a 20-person active discussion about Open Sim practical issues. I was impressed; two years ago, twenty users was often the maximum online population of all OS Grid :-). Back then, I admit got discouraged. Most of the time my Avatar didn’t appear, and I spent intolerable times waiting for any of my changes to update in-world. Today I was a white cloud again, but I’m pretty sure it resulted from me walking in on a crowded meeting. It must not be too common anymore; the other 19 people today kept complaining “I can’t see Jane.” 🙂

I’m actually writing about this issue now because last evening  the Builder of Demolay (who looks suspiciously like RJ Kikuchiyo) invited me to visit the Kingdom of Demolay grid site.

As I said above, although I think they have enormous potential, I’ve actually had low expectations for recent Open Sim grids, probably because I’m a ‘user,’ not a mass-scale scripter or 3D-Webwide visonary. :-).

My past experience was that non-SL worlds were usually empty, they had very few aids or tools for new users, and the occasional people that you met were the sort of folks that in RL you tried to avoid talking to at parties. 🙂 I’m beginning to think that’s changed.

I know few of the details about Kingdom of Demolay, but I’m eagerly awaiting more news from the Kiko-Craft website.

The Builder of Demolay has installed a marvelous and detailed medieval kingdom on the site, centered on the City of Rhodes.

You can see a wealth of reports and images at Kiku-Craft about the build. Frankly, they’re largely an understatement; the place is pretty fantastic. The installation is still in progress, but it’s huge and wonderfully detailed, with a consistent theme throughout. Perhaps even more important, it has a number of instructional areas and plenty of free items to fill-in new users about this far-offgrid, strange world.

And here’s a key point:
Yes, Virginia, you can even sail…

It’s still in early stages, but last night I went sailing with the Builder on free boats that are available dockside. The boats are still pretty basic, but I understand several people are involved in this project, and I even heard Owen Oyen’s name mentioned. (Woots, Owen! We gotta talk! 🙂 )

What most impressed me was… we were not sailing alone. There were easily a half-dozen people on the water within my draw-distance, trying out the free boats, or testing new ones. Woots! This looks like the beginning of a real community!

Of course, a half-dozen online and a community of many dozen more smart people helping out still doesn’t amount to much… until you add hypergrid. Hypergrid protocols offer the potential to link individual Open Sim worlds together into an unlimited framework of options. It’s like Bri and her boat in the video at the top of this post; you can go where you want.

Actually, I find it easier to think of Hypergrid as “Multipass.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Bump in to each other, sparks happen…” and suddenly whoosh, with hypergrid you are on another world together. 🙂

The Kingdom of Demolay, like so many other spots, turns out to be a stepping stone, a door… to a universe of grids that lie beyond.

I suspect most sailors like me are not familiar with the details, options, and the potential of hypergrid protocols. Maybe that will soon change, however.

There are many online discussions and fun tools to help new users get up to speed with hypergrid. They include lists of compatible sites and discuss the various feature options.

So far my favorite link on this topic is Hypergrid Adventurers Club. They meet weekly, and combine a thirty minute discussion of Open Sim issues with a group adventure, exploring some new grid-world together! It’s sort of like the Leeward Cruise, but in space suits, not boats!

Hypergrid could soon offer a dramatic expansion of opportunities for individual users; the potential is already available to try. Due to the efforts of so many people, what I said two years ago now seems to be coming to fruition…

With a smile and a boat, you can step off the grid,
and be free… to sail the universe.

This week I’ll update this note with more links as well as a list of instructions for beginners, so sailors can confidently pull out their “multipass cards” and drag their boats over interplanetary distances. 🙂

Who knows? If you try it, you might run into Bri, M1sha, Joepie, Owen, RJ, Slanty… or even Quirky. 🙂

3 responses to “Hypergrid Sailor II

  1. Thank you Jane! You know, rhodes has some wonderful medieval lighthouses! 😉 Currently the Kingdom of DeMolay is still in pre-launch mode, but I have word that a publicly accessible version of this Mediterranean destination will be available soon — meanwhile, the developments of the last two years has benefitted the sailing options available to Hypergrid travellers. I, like many of us, have been more anxious than a cat at feeding time for the OS Grid’s answer to the Tako. Perhaps you have seen the Second Wind sailing engine available in InWorldz, SL, and elsewhere?

  2. My head is spinning. I Probably couldn’t get a Tako out of a slip right now and pop the chute, let alone go to another “grid” hehe. It was great knowing RJ, Bri, Jane, Manul, Saxxon and all of the sailors in my Second Life. Do continue on with your Genius work. -Tory

    • My head is spinning over all the options too!
      As you see in Bri’s video from two years ago, jumping grids wasn’t very hard then. It’s even easier now. Of course, there are still tricks and hurdles, but I’ll add additional ‘hypergrid user help’ links here in a day or two for sailors who want to try it out.
      I also spoke with Owen Oyen yesterday about Open Sim boats. He implied a good physics engine necessary for sailing might still be a way off. (sigh)
      Frankly, I don’t see that as a problem. Sailing is fairly good in SL, and I know Lindens are committed to changes that will improve the SL Sailing environment. We should applaud those efforts and support them.
      At the same time however, I think we should look over the far horizon. The sun is rising on New Worlds and Distant Grids, and it’s only a matter of time. There is no point to argue with LL or OSG; they have accomplished great things, but… the future is in the making.
      I’t’s waiting… over that horizon. 🙂

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