ACA Time Trials Ready to Launch

The ACA33 Cup 2011  begins this week! You can get the background here, but go to the ACA Racer website for current info and the latest official details!

There will be two boat classes and a total of three racing groups. Each division will have it’s own fleet, it’s own competition race series, and it’s own Ruleset. However, every skipper needs to qualify by sailing a simple, solo, time-trial event. That race series will determine which boats are eligible to advance in the three semi-final fleets.

Tension’s been rising across the practice fleets recently, as crews get set for the opening round. However, Quirky’s just turned up the heat a bit more. 🙂 He just released a promo video for this year’s competition!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The ACA 2011 Regatta’s designed with multiple tracks, so the event should be consistent with members’ varied style and experience. Hopefully, it will be fun to sail. 🙂

So if you haven’t signed up yet, read through the above links, then go here to register!
The opening round is about to begin!

One response to “ACA Time Trials Ready to Launch

  1. Here’s the May 1 status announcement from Quirky:

    News on the ACA Cup 2011
    We announced the Cup on Friday and already there are 24 official competitors in the ACA33 3.0 class and 5 in the ACA light class

    In the ACA33 3.0 series:
    Lothor Vlodovic
    VitorCr Resident
    joro Aya
    Jimboo Shelbyville
    Nuggy Negulesco
    Bea Woodget
    Carmen Foden
    Elbag Gable
    Miwha Masala
    Armano Xaris
    Rudi Zebendein
    Gunnar Bekkers
    Astro Marksman
    Silber Sands
    Viciously Llewellyn
    Fearless Freenote
    KazumaHs Destiny
    takabou Destiny
    Garrick Diesorelli
    Bolt Bashly
    Chad Sawson
    Cher Bravin
    Ultralas Moleno
    EmmanuelMara Resident

    In the ACA Light:
    colin nemeth
    Ox Seetan
    Orca Fotta ( I wouldnt have believed it!)
    Anastasia Lexington
    Fadamuito Boa

    Remember to be part of the Cup you MUST enter via the form. It is available here.

    You may of course only enter one of the two cup events, either ACA33 3.0 or ACA light, and as you can see we need more people to join, especially Light racers!!

    Entry will close on 2nd of May 2011, and don’t forget to join the ACA33 2011 Trophy Group!

    Quirky Torok
    ACA management

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