ACA Trophy Time Trials, May Ninth

Hawk tells me the ACA33 Trophy 2011 qualifying time-trials will end on Wednesday, May 11th. At that point, the swiftest sailing skippers will split into three groups, and advance to ACA’s Cup Round Two.

In the past two weeks I’ve posted several updates of the current ACA time trials; you might well think it was getting boring, since Miwha Masala seemed to hold a very well-deserved, iron grip on the #1 slot. 🙂

Well, sportsfans, it’s time to wake up and get excited; this Regatta’s is only beginning. As proof of that statement, Carmen Foden just threw her hat in the ring, and in her first test lap Carmen grabbed Second Place, crowding Miwha! Woot!

Carmen, of course, is a long-standing ACA Aficionado. Carmen and GlorfIn the past two years I’ve written several posts about her knowledge and skill sailing all flavors of the ACA line, and last summer I ended up truly mesmerized watching her race a few rounds in Don Berthios’ SL-VT regatta. Carmen’s RL schedule unfortunately didn’t allow her to compete in the playoff rounds of that match shoot-out, however.

Last night though, I went back and looked at all the notes and judging snapshots from her SLVT matches, and yes, I’m still amazed. In a remarkable prestart duel with Glorfindel Arrow, Carmen held all the timings and had all the moves. Huge Kudos also go to Glorf; he almost kept up with Carmen in what I’m pretty sure was the best pas de deux I’ve ever seen in SL Match racing. 🙂

So Kids, it looks like there’s lots more excitement in order over the next few weeks of ACA Trophy competition! Hold onto your crew caps!
Here’s the May 9 standing, and be sure to check in on Miwha’s blog for her comments about the Regatta too!

ACA 3.0 Results May 9
(* Completed required 2 of 3)
(** Finished trials allotted)

1. Miwha Masala*
2.  Carmen Foden
3.  Lothor Vlodovic        Tie for third *
3.  Viciously Llewellyn  Tie for third *
4.   takabou Destiny *
5.  Silber Sands
6.  Bolt Bashly
7.  KazumaHs Destiny *
8. Cher Bravin *
9.  Elbag Gable
10.  Joro Aya
11.  Bea Woodget **
12.  VitorCr Resident **
13.  Kurt Calamity
14.  Kentrock Messmer
15.  Ultralas Moleno **
16.  EmmanuelMara Resident **
17.  don Berithos

ACA33 Light Racers

1. Ox Seetan *
2. Fadamuito Boa *
3. Colin Nemeth **

courtesy of Dil Spitz

Go ACA Trophy 2011!

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