Sansara Southern Passage

Bay City's New Port Yacht Club

Over the past several months the Linden Department of Public Works has been working gangbusters on upgrades, additions, and lots of innovations across the Sansara continent. Many of these changes involve the waterways, and although Sansara was once called the ‘Old Continent,’ it’s quickly turning into a shiny, new showcase for cruising, sail-racing, diving… and pretty much any other water sport you can think of.

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A few weeks ago I posted about the the new “Northern Passage” there. It’s a string of coastal water sims that run along Sansara’s Northwest continental shelf, linking Bay City’s Gulf of Lauren with the “ANWR Connector” waterway that goes to Heterocera Atoll.

Oh; in case you’re not familiar with all the names and locations in that part of the SL grid, well, no worries; Sansara now has the best maps of any continent in Second Life! A few weeks ago I posted Icarus Fallen’s recent, wonderful cartography, and if you’re interested, his maps are a great place to start. Icarus makes truly beautiful charts that are based on input from many people; the maps include all the current, consensus names of Sansara’s diverse land and water regions.

Although the the Northern Passage is too recent to show up on Icarus’ chart, you can get the info about it here. It’s a fantastic addition that finally links Bay City’s New Port Yacht Club with the extensive water regions further North and East. Unfortunately, that route doesn’t permit easy access to the Sea of Fables and Ice Bay, two of the largest and most popular sailing areas in the continent.

Well, two days ago that problem was solved! A new waterway, theย “Southern Passage,” just came on line. It’s a 10-pack of very thoughtfully-planned coastal sims on the Southwest side of Sansara, linking the Bay City water in Luna Palisades with the eastern boating areas that connect through Abbotts and Rosedale. The new waterway was first mentioned nine months ago during Linden Office Hours, and woots, it was worth the wait! ๐Ÿ™‚

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The chart above shows the new simset outlined in red (East Luna is also new, but outside the outlined area).

I commented above that the new Linden coastal sims were ‘thoughtfully-planned,‘ and I meant it. It’s worth dropping by to take a look at the details of the new installation.

You can see some of the features on the above map. For example, click to enlarge the graphic then look at the new sim edges. You’ll see that DPW put the region boundaries slightly on the land side of each water sim; that means you’re less-likely to hit a sim border with your boat when you’re trying to gybe near the shoreline.

If you race a lot, you know what I’m talking about. You’ve probably noticed that most maritime estates give parcel owners a thin edge of water along with their property. That’s very understandable, but it also inevitably means there are sim boundaries and/ or ban lines exactly where a boat needs to gybe when moving upwind.

Well sailing fans? That issue wont happen in Sansara’s new Southern Coastal Passage!

Since I’m already whining here about sim border crossings and sailboats, let me add another point. I’m pretty sure most sailors would agree the ultimate danger to frail watercraft in SL are the ‘Four Corner” points. Those are the spots where four sims come together to form a ‘singularity‘ on the map. Hitting a four-corner with a fast, script-heavy boat while you have crew aboard is generally considered pathologically reckless behavior in SL.

Well never fear, because LL DPW has your back. ๐Ÿ™‚ Look where the four corners are in the new Southern Passage! Nearly every one is nicely positioned in an out-of -the-way spot that won’t interfere with either sea (or land) activities.
Nice design! :-

And please, go look at the terraforming of the newborn sims too; its just getting underway, but what’s installed is actually quite nice. There are several islands on the West end of the passage with good channel depth between, and there’s a natural peninsula breakwater where the sim-passage turns South. There are also seawall palisades on either side of that waterway as it passes the Sandboxes, and then there’s a wonderfully rugged coastline full of inlet rugations as you approach Abbotts. I know it’s all still largely unfinished, but wow, I love it! Kudos to LDPW for a very nice, detailed job, and for all the obvious thought that went into the addition!

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Before I end, let me also give another big shout-out to the great people from Bay City. Over the past few years their work with LL and DPW helped build a great community in West Sansara, and the new Northern and Southern passages will provide a great opportunity for sailors grid-wide to go visit, sail, and plan regattas with the Bay City dock crowd. ๐Ÿ™‚

As I’ve commented before, big Kudos go the Marianne McCann for all her patient advocacy for the new water links this past year, and let me also give a hi-five to Holocluck Henley too. I made it over to the new sims as soon as I heard the waterway connection was ‘going live.’ No surprise, Holo was already there ๐Ÿ™‚ and was kind enough to give me an inspection tour of the install. It still had that fresh paint smell. So…

Nice work, Bay City, Sansara Sailors, and LL DPW.


Let’s Sail!

When you visit, be sure to watch where you're going; I took a bad turn!

3 responses to “Sansara Southern Passage

  1. Woots! Thanx for keeping us updated. It is always nice yo have more sailable water.

  2. I agree; the Bay City West expansion and the new North and South Coastal Waterways provide great opportunities for more cruising and racing.
    Perhaps more important, the new regions and passageways should fuel communication and cooperation across many user groups and communities in Sansara.
    Sansara has great waterways, and after a few quiet years there, Sansara sailing looks like its really back big-time. A sailor can now jump in a boat in Bay City’s Gulf of Lauren on the far West of the continent, then sail-by-sight toward the rising sun, and cross any of a dozen great navigable channels to find their way to new shores. There are so many Eastern seas and landfall sites: Sea of Fables, Bay of Space Pigs, Mowry Bay, Free Adriatic, East River Community, Mare Secundus, Ice Bay (with those shifting ice-floes, even!)…
    The list of maritime destinations in Sansara is quite large, and if any explorer ever gets bored, the interconnected waterways now easily connect to Heterocera, where a whole new world awaits. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I know I may sound like a real estate broker, but I’m not; I’m a sailor, and I get excited over all the great options opening up across that continent.

    In fact, as we all celebrate the new waters and sim upgrades in Sansara, it might be a good idea to compile a list of destinations to share and post. That way new users and visiting sailors won’t miss anything. ๐Ÿ™‚

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