SLCC sim preview

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The 2011 Second Life Community Convention kicks off Friday August 12 in Oakland CA. The SLCC website lists a full calendar of talks and topics for the California crowd, but it also includes a list of online, “SL-only” events too.  It should be a fun and interesting event, and (hopefully) it’ll give the user community new insight into Linden Lab’s future development plans.

I admit I can be sometimes skeptical about LL’s strategy, but wow I got quite excited last night looking at the SLCC 2011 sims. They look pretty wonderful!!

Although SLCC is meeting on the West Coast this year, the sims I visited had a definite New England flair, showcasing traditional Boston maritime sites. The installation recreates historic Boston Light, the Old Massachusetts State House, Hatch Shell, the Duck Pond Bridge… and much, much more. It’s all done with wondrous grace, humor, and flawless accuracy.

I guess that’s understandable, since RJ Kikuchiyo’s fingerprints are all over the sims. Yup, that’s even RJ’s Schooner Ernestina tied-up at the dock in the panorama view shown above. 🙂

So if you can’t make it to Oakland this weekend, be sure to come visit the SLCC sims online!

And when you tp over, make sure you send RJ a big Thank You!

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One response to “SLCC sim preview

  1. wow ! what a great looking sims !

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