Sailors Cove does Halloween 2011 !!

Sailors Cove Halloween 2008

Each year Sailors Cove pulls out all the stops to celebrate Halloween! I’ve been to all the past events, and I can testify that they are pretty fantastic. Well, this year Sailors Cove is doing it it again, and here’s the announcement! Don’t miss this!

Fanci Beebe says:

Its that time of year again…
and the ghosts and goblins are out to play in Sailors Cove.

Welcome to Four Fantastic Halloween Happenings!


A series of old-time Horror Movies begin October 27!
Bring all your friends and get a pillow to hide behind!
Free popcorn!


Be sure to explore all three floors,
Plus the roof and grounds!
Oh, and don’t forget the Graveyard
(You may find that boat you crashed back in 2008! 🙂 )

and then mark your calendars and
get those costumes, because
it’s almost here…

~~~ The FIYC 4th Annual ~~~


That's Commodore Epi in 2008, lower left

Prizes for Costumes!
Surprises and goodies for all!
Great Halloween Tunes to dance the night away
spun by DJ Baldi McMillan

and finally, this is a must……


Fishers Island Clubhouse Clipper Bay
Sunday October 30th 4pm slt.

Come gather with us around the old time radio at FIYC!

4 responses to “Sailors Cove does Halloween 2011 !!

  1. As I noted above, Sailors Cove has a multi-year tradition of truly fantastic Halloween fun. 🙂 I wrote a number of posts in past years about SC’s holiday events, and I’m trying to dig some of those memories up from where I filed them under my bed. 🙂
    Here’s a silly one I found from November 2008. I posted it using wi-fi from a marina bar in the Caribbean: 🙂

    The above post references many items that are still common parts of SL Sailing experience and attitudes three years later.
    However, the maps and estate arrangements certainly shifted quite a bit, and are maybe unrecognizable unless you were around back then… three Halloweens ago. 🙂
    I guess plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. 🙂

    • OKOK, I actually went back and read that ‘unedited draft’ from November 2008…
      It was a long time ago, but I think the facts were right,
      and yes, that’s MTW’s pic.

      But geez… I have no memory of who this guy is,
      or why I put his pic in that draft…

      However, I do recall
      having several troubled dreams that month
      about Jack Linden… 🙂

      Fair Winds, Jack!

  2. I think no more than 33.6% of the facts were correct.

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