WildWind Lowers Sail

Sad news: Wildwind Yachts is gone.

Yesterday Wildwind’s simset went offline. I understand their visionary boatbuilder Corry Kamachi is taking a well-deserved rest away from Second Life.

So OK. Please stop whatever you’re doing, stand up, and join me in a loud round of applause for Corry. She is a truly wonderful designer who devoted years of effort to her friends in SL Sailing.

Woots to Corry and Wildwind!

Through skill and hard work, her boats rose to join the most popular sail craft in SL. With no exaggeration, Corry’s efforts deeply enriched the lives of each and every sailor who ventured out on Second Life’s seas.

I personally first sailed a Wildwind over 38 months ago, when Taku Raymaker introduced me to early betas of the DG-14 (a dinghy racer similar to the Fizz 1.x) and the first-draft of the ACJ (Corry’s IACC racer).

Those early test boats told the tale; it was obvious that Corry possessed remarkable ability, coupled with a strong drive for sailing accuracy and perfection. Less than one year later, the Wildwind fleet had grown beyond any expectation. Corry’s artisanship crowded the dock with a diverse offering of authentic sail craft.

Hey, did I mention Wildwind also sold seaplanes and multi-hulls? 🙂

As Corry’s creative urges blossomed, Wildwind clearly needed more space. Corry joined with a host of other sailors to form a new Japanese nautical community on private sims centered around Far East Yacht Club.

Taku Raymaker‘s Waypoint Yacht Club  is situated in the heart of United Sailing Sims and Blake Sea, and it remained the original nexus of Japanese sailing in SL. However, from 2008 through 2011, Far East YC (Max Starosin, Commodore) and Hayama Zushi YC (Kei Cioc, Commodore)  offered additional, valuable sailing options to Japanese skippers interested in SL.

I have much more to say about the wonderful Japanese SL Slsailing community, but let me put that off for the moment. Today I just want to focus on Wildwind boats and praise the legacy of Corry Kamachi.

Corry spawned an entire, unique family of fantastic yachts that are primarily based on contemporary, high-performance racers of all sizes. For example, at the dinghy end of the fleet Kokoro Alcott captured the excitement of the 470 Cup here:

However, Corry is perhaps best known for the RCJ-44. That boat was fast and easy to handle, but also packed a wealth of racing options and authentic design features. For a long time it was easily one of the most popular posts on the SL Sail-Racing circuit, and many of us nicknamed it “Orca Flotta’s favorite race-boat.” 🙂

Naeve Rossini caught that fever too, and in 2009 she and I ran the boat around the test track more than once…

Yikes, we did that whole test-thing again when Corry launched the JMO-60, too. 🙂

Nuboko Cris test-drive

In that context, let me reach back and comment that the Wildwind wind-power algorithm had a number of interesting and unique features and options. for example, it’s worth emphasizing that all the Wildwind boats in the fleet used a proprietary “apparent wind” correction.

I know this is a boring topic, so I won’t belabor the issue. 🙂 I’m bringing it up here because when I complained about this 2 1/2 years ago, Mothgirl Dibou took the time to post a great explanation, and it’s worth taking a look again now. 🙂

I admit I’m still not sure I agree with Wildwind’s wind algorithm adjustments.   However after more than two years thinking and sailing, I certainly understand better why Wildwind included their compensation factors, and the differences that make the boat exciting to sail. That excitement and creativity was actually typical for Wildwind’s whole lifetime in SL.

Corry’s last, official release was a totally new and typically ambitious vessel: The Wildwind ACJ35 Wildcat. The boat is further proof that Corry was always on the cutting edge.
Here’s don Berthios’ promo video for that great Wildcat work-in-progress!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I have far more to say about the history of builders and boaters in Second Life, but that seems enough for today. The legend and legacy of WildWind will live on.

And Corry? Thank you so very much…

Please come sail again soon.

13 responses to “WildWind Lowers Sail

  1. /me takes a bow for Corry and the WildWind fleet. May you have a calm and recovering off-time from SL, you surely deserved it. And maybe if one day you decide to come back, you can be sure to still have a great name to start over with.
    Be well, Corry!

  2. My best regards to Corry Kamachi.
    I have sailed and owned all her fleet production, “mon coeur” for JMO-60 and ACJ-2 and the Windsurf.

    It was never like that inworld.
    Long live Wildies!

  3. Did you have contact with Corry since she has gone inactive in SL?

    It is sad to see her sim gone,
    but we have to thank her for all her work and her great boats.


  4. I guess that also means FEYC is gone too?

    • Hi Lance!
      Sadly, I don’t know the status of Far East Yacht Club. I last chatted with Max Starosin in 2009 and I haven’t been able to connect with him since.

      Como Canning kindly told me that the Far East sim will stay open in SL, but I don’t know his plans for it. I do not know the future of FEYC, either.
      However, I do know that many (including yourself) are very concerned about this, and stand willing to help out.

      In that context, let me send Kudos to Elbag Gable. I know that several weeks ago he contacted Corry, offering to bring Wildwind and FEYC to North Sea. Although it was probably too late for Corry to take advantage of this generous initiative, I thought Elbag’s offer quietly reflected a common commitment we all share.
      After all, we are sailors together, and we are united across this fragile globe. That bond bridges any ocean, however vast, that might separate us.

      Como Canning or other friends of FEYC may have more information. 🙂

      J-Classic Team Far East

  5. Haha, and I was wondering yesterday why you contacted me with the rather quizzical question about what I “know about WildWinds”. Other than RCJ-44 once was my favourite boat and I even founded a class association for it, I didn’t know much.

    Now I know a bit more 🙂

  6. Oh, I’m sodas to hear that Wildwind is closing.

    She was already well along in her building career when I came along, but it was the RCJ-44 that captured my interest for a long time. It is still one of my favourite boats and the one that I most often display. There may even be one in Madaket right now.

    I fully understand the need to step away from SL. There are many reasons, as even I have moved away a fair amount of my free time. Whatever the reason, I wish her well.

    Thank you, Corry, for having made my SL and RL richer with her creations.

  7. doh… I’ve been eye-balling a bunch of Corry’s boats and purchasing them as I can afford them.
    Is there no way to purchase them now?

  8. Hi Jacob!
    Check on the SL Marketplace for Corry’s boats.
    If that’s a no-go, please wait a few days until we all know the future for Wildwind sales.
    But let me add another comment (this is just my own view 🙂 ):

    Although I appreciate ex-Senator Rick Santorum has recently preached a mantra of monogamy, abstinence and self-denial,
    I’m pretty sure that doesn’t work for sailors and sailboats.
    I actually think it’s okay to be flagrantly promiscuous where boats are concerned.

    So Jacob,
    do whatever you can to get helm control
    of as many vessels as possible,
    any day you’re online.

    Oh, and please do me one additional favor in that regard.
    Don’t sit there and sulk because your Tako 3.1 no longer has product support.
    Good grief, Jacob, you still pining over that cheerleader that dumped you in high school? 🙂

    There are a thousand very fast, very sexy wind-powered boats on the market these days,
    aching for you to grab hold and walk them around the block…
    (OKOK, there are only maybe a few dozen, not a thousand… but I’m trying to make a point here!)

    so Jacob… grab a life jacket, make a date with some sleek model painted in shiny awlgrip…
    and cancel that check to Santorum’s land-bound program of anti-sailor political self-denial. 🙂
    JMHO… 🙂
    See you on the water!

    • ROTFLOL!!!!

      Regarding WildWind boats, I tried the SL Marketplace, but even though they are still listed, they are no-go on delivery. I *did* find a WildWind kiosk at Tradewinds Yacht club! 😀 And, um, well, self-denial kinda went out the window. 😀

  9. Kittensusie Landar

    I am so sad to see WildWind go. The RCJ-44 was my first yacht and is still my favourite – easy to sail, fast and manouverable, everything you need for the narrow channels you sometimes find in SL. Since then I’ve bought most of her yachts and still there were more I wanted to buy, including the seaplane.

    I hope Cory comes back to us and once again allows us the chance to sail her fantastic products. Without her, I would probably not be where I am now in SL

    Have a good rest Cory, but please come back to us……

  10. Triumphal Yacht Club

    I remember my first WW boat. No english translation back then so I sent a note to Cory and sure enough I recieved a notecard translated. I have been sailing her boats since then and am lucky enough to own all of her creations.
    What has happened in her homeland is devistating and I hope all the best for her and her people.
    I do hope you return to SL someday and until then all the best Cory…….

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