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More Grief

A few days ago I wrote about griefing attacks, and the damage they do to SL growth. I cited a few recent attacks, including one at Mowry Bay, by something called “VR6 KABOUL .”

Well last night Sansara was hit again. Chaos Mandelbrot discovered the attack while sailing a test-drive of the Tuesday Leeward Cruise route. As he landed on the Second Wind dock in Fudo, a snowstorm of colored circles, posters, and ‘zombies’ flooded over him, as shown in the pic above. Second Wind’s Francois Jacques immediately came to Chaos’ assistance, and Ranger Upshaw from the Second Life Coast Guard followed right behind.

Francois shut off scripts and object entry into the Fudo Sailing Center, but that didn’t solve the problem. The griefing flood came from outside the sim, and attack objects all stopped at the sim border. The picture above shows an impressive mountain of zombies piling up on the seafloor boundary just outside Fudo.

Ranger Upshaw then helped identify the location of the emitter source for the attack, and Francois recruited assistance from the Linden concierge to deal with it.

Within an hour the skies cleared again and the zombies (as well as all else) disappeared.

Hopefully Lindens can get to the root of this problem and prevent it, particularly since the poster logo for last night’s attack looked very similar to the Mowry Bay grief episode I discussed before.

We need these disruptions to end.

S4L Scores a Winning Poker Run

Kudos to Uber Race Director Kentrock Messmer  and Fisher Island/ Sailors Cove co-owners Parick Leavitt and Fanci Beebe for hosting the May 20 Poker Run event for Sail 4 Life. It was a super success!

Leeward Cruisers Join In

While I’m at it, let me also give a big shout-out to Kittensusie Lander; she coordinated the Leeward Club cruise that day, bringing a flotilla of friends all fit for fundraising!

Kitten arranged an ambitious itinerary that got everyone excited for the event to follow. Here’s the chart LCC sailed:

As you can see from the above map, the Leeward gang set out from from Crows Nest next to Fastnet Light in the middle of Blake Sea. Well over two dozen sailors showed up at the rez point by launch time. You can see them all tacking Northwest in the map image just after raising sail. (below)

Click to enlarge

The cruise fleet then ran a remarkably ambitious route that included an upwind-downwind sprint through the narrow channel in Nautilus City followed by a tour of the northern USS sims. That LCC Poseidon-pack then turned South into Sailors Cove where they cruised around a bit, finally making landfall at the FIYC clubhouse. They were just in time to begin the S4L Poker Run!

Poker Run

So what’s a Poker Run? Good question! I didn’t know either, although I admit Kentrock’s tried to explain it to me since way back in 2008. 🙂

Sunday’s Poker Run was adapted from a real-life club sailing game, where skippers sail to five different waypoints. At each stop they collect one playing card, until they finally have a poker hand. The sailor with the best hand wins! It sounds a bit complicated, but Kentrock had Quirky Torok and Chad Sawson along to help explain it all and keep the juices flowing. 🙂

You might also think this event would end when somebody came back with the best five-card hand… but you’d be wrong. After all, sailors are a pretty competitive lot, and S4L was just warming up. Under Sunday’s poker rules, if you didn’t like the first five cards you received, you could turn some in and buy up to three replacement cards.

It wasn’t hard to imagine the S4L cash register going “ga-ching!” as every single sailor jockeyed to upgrade their cards and buy a better chance to win. It reminded me of Mitt Romney trying to buy the US Presidency, but wow, S4L is a much better investment. 🙂

There were even more rules-twists to Sunday’s Poker. 🙂 There were an additional two wild-card Jokers you could buy to supplement your hand, and those Joker auctions proved pretty exciting! SL-sailors revealed their competitive spirit and showed how incredibly generous — and even rather wonderful — they all could be.

Well, at this point enter Amanda Bananza from Stage Left (I guess I mean from the Port Side 🙂 ).

Amanda Bananza bid fast and furious, winning the first Joker at auction for a high bid of $5,050. Woots! At one point the crowd enthusiasm was so intense that Amanda and Chad got confused, and Amanda ended up bidding against herself!

After the clamor died down, Master of Ceremonies Chad Sawson wisely called a thirty-minute break, so the rest of us sailors could go home and ask mommy for a loan so we could bid too… 🙂

As the clock ticked down for the second Joker auction, one way or another everyone came back. Here’s the transcript for the second-round wildcard bidding:

[2012/05/20 16:31] Chad Sawson: shouts: Ok, here we go! Minimum bid for last Joker is $1000L
[2012/05/20 16:31] Chaos (chaos.mandelbrot): shouts: 1000
[2012/05/20 16:31] Chad Sawson: shouts: we have a bid!
[2012/05/20 16:31] Rowan Aurbierre: 2000
[2012/05/20 16:31] Jane Fossett: no you can’t pick the facecards… I’m bidding on them!
[2012/05/20 16:31] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): shouts: 3000
[2012/05/20 16:31] Chad Sawson: shouts: Rowna 2 2000
[2012/05/20 16:31] Chad Sawson: shouts: Mathias @ 3k
[2012/05/20 16:31] Aislin Keynes: shouts: 3500
[2012/05/20 16:31] Chad Sawson: shouts: Ais @ 3500
[2012/05/20 16:32] Rowan Aurbierre: 4000
[2012/05/20 16:32] Rowan Aurbierre: shouts: 4000
[2012/05/20 16:32] Jane Fossett: $4129
[2012/05/20 16:32] Chad Sawson: shouts: Rowan @ 4k
[2012/05/20 16:32] Kentrock Messmer: shouts: The bid is 4000
[2012/05/20 16:32] Chad Sawson: shouts: jane @ 4129
[2012/05/20 16:32] Kentrock Messmer: shouts: now 4129
[2012/05/20 16:32] Chad Sawson: shouts: hahahaha
[2012/05/20 16:33] Chad Sawson: shouts: Mathias?
[2012/05/20 16:33] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): shouts: 4500
[2012/05/20 16:33] Chad Sawson: shouts: Bid is now 4129 to Jane
[2012/05/20 16:33] Chad Sawson: shouts: Mat @ 4500
[2012/05/20 16:33] Jane Fossett: <–glares at Mathias
[2012/05/20 16:33] Jane Fossett: 🙂
[2012/05/20 16:33] Chad Sawson: shouts: hahahaha
[2012/05/20 16:33] Aislin Keynes: haha
[2012/05/20 16:33] Kentrock Messmer: LOL
[2012/05/20 16:34] Chad Sawson: shouts: Mat @ 4500 three mins to go
[2012/05/20 16:34] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): 4600
[2012/05/20 16:34] Chad Sawson: shouts: Amanda @ 4600
[2012/05/20 16:34] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): shouts: 5000
[2012/05/20 16:34] Chad Sawson: shouts: 2 minutes to go
[2012/05/20 16:35] Chad Sawson: shouts: Mathias @ 5000
[2012/05/20 16:35] Chad Sawson: shouts: 5000 going once
[2012/05/20 16:35] Chad Sawson: shouts: 5000 going twice
[2012/05/20 16:35] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): 5050
[2012/05/20 16:35] Jane Fossett: WOOOOOT!!!!
[2012/05/20 16:35] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): shout 5100
[2012/05/20 16:35] Chad Sawson: shouts: Amanda @ 5050
[2012/05/20 16:35] Jane Fossett: haha
[2012/05/20 16:36] Chad Sawson: shouts: Mat @ 5100
[2012/05/20 16:36] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): 5150
[2012/05/20 16:36] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): shouts: 5500
[2012/05/20 16:36] Chad Sawson: shouts: 5150 to Amanda
[2012/05/20 16:36] Chad Sawson: shouts: Mat at 5500
[2012/05/20 16:36] Chaos (chaos.mandelbrot): humms playing with the queen of hearts
[2012/05/20 16:36] Jane Fossett: hahaha
[2012/05/20 16:36] Chad Sawson: shouts: hahahaha
[2012/05/20 16:36] Chad Sawson: shouts: 5500 Going once
[2012/05/20 16:37] Chad Sawson: shouts: 5500 Going twice
[2012/05/20 16:37] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): 6150
[2012/05/20 16:37] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6150 to Amanda
[2012/05/20 16:37] Kentrock Messmer: Yeee Haww
[2012/05/20 16:37] Jane Fossett: gasp
[2012/05/20 16:37] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): shouts: 6500
[2012/05/20 16:37] Chaos (chaos.mandelbrot): omg she has 2 aces
[2012/05/20 16:37] Chaos (chaos.mandelbrot): 2 jokers I mean
[2012/05/20 16:37] Chad Sawson: shouts: Mat @ 6500
[2012/05/20 16:37] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6500 going once
[2012/05/20 16:38] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6500 going twice
[2012/05/20 16:38] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): 6600
[2012/05/20 16:38] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): shouts: 6800
[2012/05/20 16:38] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6600 to Amanda! Dang! Im sweatin over here
[2012/05/20 16:38] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): rofl
[2012/05/20 16:38] Chad Sawson: shouts: Mathias @ 6600
[2012/05/20 16:38] kittensusie Landar: we’re all freakin sweating 😀
[2012/05/20 16:38] Chad Sawson: shouts: all to a good cause
[2012/05/20 16:38] Jane Fossett: sweat costs more!
[2012/05/20 16:38] Chad Sawson: hahahaha
[2012/05/20 16:39] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6600 going once
[2012/05/20 16:39] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6600 going twice
[2012/05/20 16:39] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): 6650
[2012/05/20 16:39] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): shouts: 6800
[2012/05/20 16:39] kittensusie Landar: 6800 surely?
[2012/05/20 16:39] Chaos (chaos.mandelbrot): was that a bid kitten?
[2012/05/20 16:39] Chad Sawson: shouts: Now 6800 to Mat
[2012/05/20 16:39] kittensusie Landar: shouts: NOOOOO
[2012/05/20 16:39] Jane Fossett: don’t call her Shirley
[2012/05/20 16:39] Chad Sawson: shouts: y’all are makin me type too much
[2012/05/20 16:39] kittensusie Landar: hahahaha
[2012/05/20 16:39] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): haha… kitten is my financier
[2012/05/20 16:39] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): lol
[2012/05/20 16:39] Rowan Aurbierre: lol
[2012/05/20 16:40] Aislin Keynes: hahahaha
[2012/05/20 16:40] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6800 going 1
[2012/05/20 16:40] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6800 going 2
[2012/05/20 16:40] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): kitten is my gardian angel
[2012/05/20 16:40] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): 6810
[2012/05/20 16:40] Chad Sawson: shouts: SOLD!
[2012/05/20 16:40] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6810 to amanda
[2012/05/20 16:40] Jane Fossett: WOOOOOT!!!!
[2012/05/20 16:40] Chad Sawson: shouts: unsold
[2012/05/20 16:40] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): man… cheap shot…
[2012/05/20 16:40] Chad Sawson: shouts: she got it in
[2012/05/20 16:40] Jane Fossett: cough cough
[2012/05/20 16:40] Chad Sawson: hahahaha
[2012/05/20 16:40] -Q- (quirky.torok): jeeeze i got to get to bed soon
[2012/05/20 16:40] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6810 once
[2012/05/20 16:41] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6810 twice
[2012/05/20 16:41] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): shouts: 6900
[2012/05/20 16:41] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): i meant to hit it earlier but my glasses fell off

[2012/05/20 16:41] Chad Sawson: shouts: dang! this is fun!
[2012/05/20 16:41] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6900 to mat
[2012/05/20 16:41] Chad Sawson: shouts: once
[2012/05/20 16:41] Chad Sawson: shouts: twice
[2012/05/20 16:41] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): 8000
[2012/05/20 16:41] Chad Sawson: shouts: OMG!
[2012/05/20 16:41] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): better… lol
[2012/05/20 16:41] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): all hers
[2012/05/20 16:41] Jane Fossett: inflation!
[2012/05/20 16:41] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): goddess
[2012/05/20 16:41] Kentrock Messmer: Holy Cows
[2012/05/20 16:41] -Q- (quirky.torok): i think she wants this BAD
[2012/05/20 16:42] Chad Sawson: shouts: Sold to Amanda @ 8000 L$
[2012/05/20 16:42] Chad Sawson: wonderful!
[2012/05/20 16:42] Aislin Keynes: I think so too Q
[2012/05/20 16:42] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): XC
[2012/05/20 16:42] kittensusie Landar: WHOOOOOTTT!!!
[2012/05/20 16:42] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): ~*~ OMG ~*~
[2012/05/20 16:42] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): ~*~ FAINTS ~*~
[2012/05/20 16:42] Chad Sawson: shouts: Thanks Amanda and mathias!
[2012/05/20 16:42] Jane Fossett: haha
[2012/05/20 16:42] Kentrock Messmer: shouts: YAY
[2012/05/20 16:42] Rowan Aurbierre: so much for the tier this month huh Amanda?
[2012/05/20 16:42] Aislin Keynes: LOL
[2012/05/20 16:42] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): again
[2012/05/20 16:42] Chad Sawson: shouts: thjis was great and helps a great cause!
[2012/05/20 16:42] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): umm wait til I tell Gordon, rofl
[2012/05/20 16:42] Rowan Aurbierre: AMANDA will meet you at the kiosk
[2012/05/20 16:42] Chad Sawson: shouts: Amanda get the Chad Joker #2
[2012/05/20 16:42] kittensusie Landar: Amanda, about that loan you asked for, i’ve got bad news……..

OMG, Amanda held her course and bought both wildcards, ensuring she’d win the whole poker event! Wow! And mega-kudos also go to Mattaio Rossini, who went bid-for-bid with Amanda over both auctions, building the total for the final donation. Nice work you two!

Although I don’t have any fundraising totals (you’ll have to ask Kentrock or Fanci for that), I’m quite sure the Poker Run went way over expectations, and that Amanda’s generosity was reflected and shared by the spirit of the entire sailing community.

Bottom line, Sunday’s LCC cruise and Poker Run were a colossal hit. They were great fun,bringing sailors and residents together in a common cause. Did I mention it raised a boatload of $Lindens for cancer research? 🙂

Not a bad day on the water in Second Life, I think. 🙂

Kent? Next year, do it again!