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Fran and Vin Raise Solstice Stakes

The New York 30 Solstice Challenge regatta is an event supporting Relay For Life, a major fundraiser of the American Cancer Society. ACS is actually global in scope, not just American, and it funds research initiatives to understand and treat all forms of cancer.

As I described two days ago, we’re asking sailors to come together for a great, fun weekend of races June 23-24, spread out over five different yacht clubs and sailing estates in Second Life. The entry fee for each team is a $L5,000 donation to S4L, and several teams have already jumped aboard to compete. The regatta’s shaping up as pretty exciting.

Right after we announced the Solstice Challenge, something happened we didn’t anticipate. A number of wonderful people stepped forward and offered donations to help sponsor teams, and some wanted to encourage participation by donating money each time a team signed up. It showed the remarkable pride and faith so many have in this SL community built by sailors.

Francois Jacques and Vin Mariani saw this too, and wow, today they just stepped in big-time, raising the stakes for donations!

Here’s what they just put on the table:

— For every team that races, Fran and Vin will each donate an additional $5,000 to Sail4Life.
— Francois Jacques will donate $L10,000 more for each team that races wearing shirts advertising NYC’s upcoming Woodstock concert (all entrants will get the shirts!)
— Fran and Vin want to encourage more matching contributions, so from this point on, if anyone makes a donation ‘for every team entered,’ Fran and Vin will donate half that amount again.


This is a truly incredible offer, something pretty wonderful. It reflects a major commitment to S4L and the SL Sailing community. As Francois explained, “Vin and I want to encourage multiple layers of matching, and cross advertising between the events.

Well? All you sailors out there sitting on some couch in a Yacht Club Bar watching reruns of old Dennis Conner races?

Well, it’s time to get your boat shoes and sailing gloves back on. This is an amazing challenge, and now it’s all riding on your shoulders. 🙂 You don’t have to win this Regatta, but by joining up you’ll help raise a great deal of money for a great cause, and I guarantee you’ll have a GREAT time doing it!

Oh… and the rest of you standing safe and dry on that dock… You going to let Fran and Vin get away with that offer to match donations? And where’s your Woodstock Teeshirt, anyway?  🙂

Go Solstice Challenge and Sail4Life!

Oliphant Ming, Helen Dayton, Kanker Greenacre raise a toast to S4L 2007