Benny’s Woodstock Saturday

On Saturday June 30, Nantucket YC-SL and Triumphal YC are co-hosting a great musical event on a special stage at NYC.

For the past few weeks Benny’s been setting it up, doing sound checks, and working on the playlist… to bring WOODSTOCK to NYC for Sail4Life!

As Benny says:

“The presentation and party will be an all day affair starting at about 8:45 AM SLT with a sound check and dedication, Ritchie Havens takes the stage at 9 AM and we continue all day and into the evening. I have found room within our 12 hour format to play at least some of, and in some cases all of, every performer that played at the 1969 festival.
Having collected some rare recordings and bootlegs this is as close to the real deal as I could get within our format. The build is outstanding and with just a little imagination, you will be there at the most talked about event of this kind, ever.
Please note this:
Donations to The Relay for Life will be triple matched at this event, meaning for every Linden dollar you donate THREE will go to fund cancer research! This is a valuable opportunity to make your efforts count in this noble cause.

BennyThe Boozehound

There will be many fun activities, and opportunities for you to donate to Sail4Life through the day. One of my favorites are the Hope flowers; Fiona’s scripted flowers you can plant at the NYC concert, and dedicate them to anyone you want to send a message of Hope. 🙂

Oh! And did you see that Orca’s leading a mass sail-what-you-want cruise from Triumphal to the concert? Don’t miss that either! It leaves the TrYC dock at 12:00 Noon sharp!

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