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Sail4Life Raises $2.34M Lindens For Cancer Research

click to enlarge – Taku and Jane sail in the marathon

After several months of clamor, commotion, and kiosks, on Sunday July 15, SL’s Relay for Life closed its doors for 2012 and ran the final totals.

The Sailing team has always been a strong supporter of RFL, and this year was no different. At the time I’m writing this, Sailing4Life raised an unofficial total of $2.34M Linden, placing it near the top in the list of SL fundraiser teams. Click on this and take a look:

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During the final two days, a large part of the sailing contributions came from proceeds of the S4L auction. Many great items were on the auction docket, but the highest winning bids went for a series of very hot new sailboats. Several were so hot, they were still in beta-release on Auction Day.  Here are a few highlights:

 Although he Ktaba Teleri MX hit the water just a few days ago, the S4L Edition caused a spirited bidding competition that turned into a real show-stealer. 🙂 Equinox Pinion, the co-owner of Fruit Islands, won it with an incredibly generous bid of  L$58,580.  Please give her a standing ovation, but then keep standing; several other great sailors made similar auction contributions and deserve your Woots!

The VO-70 Ocean Racer by Kain Xenobuilder is still in beta, but it’s mesh build  looks pretty wonderful. Charlz Price, the owner of Triumphal Yacht Club clearly agreed. He won the beta with a winning bid of L$58,205 !! Thank you Charlz!! (Now when can we all get a ride on that boat?) 🙂

Loonetta 31

Ronin Zane bellied-up to the beta-boat bidding board next. 🙂 He picked up two pretty fantastic beta boats that were launch-ready on auction day. Ronin won the Quest Melges-24 for a bid of L$20,150 and stayed around to get a Loonetta 31 for L$32,000. Nice work, Ronin!

Possibly the ultimate demonstration of beta-boat bidding belief came from Blackbird Latte, though. He contributed a whopping L$25,200 for the first production release of the Trudeau Glorianna, a boat that wont launch until 2013! Woots, Blackbird, welcome to the Gloriana Beta Team!!! 🙂

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Of course, there were many, many more wonderful donors over the weekend. To make sure I don’t miss anyone, here’s the official tally of winning bids from Chad Sawson:

don Berithos sailing marathon

Chaos reaches for VO70 wheel

Item – Winner
ACA 33 Racer – Drake India
ACA 33  Light – Equinox Pinion
ACA 33 Micro – Greythistle Twine
ACA 33 Tiny – Neill McCullough
Beach Song Powerboat – Laycee Deed
Cigar NP40 Yacht – Dudebar Scorpio
Epi Sailboat Decals – Lyr Lobo
Euro Helecopter – Zack Vedrina
Hardcore Offshore – Francois Jacques
Jangars – Ronin Zane
Ktaba 20 – Equinox Pinion
Loonetta 31 – #1 Smuth Resident
Loonetta 31 – #2 Ronin Zane
Loonetta 31 – #3 Francois Jacques
Miss T Offshore Powerboat – Kain Xenobuilder
NY 30 #1 – Shadow McConach
NY 30 #2 – Greythistle Twine
NY 30 #3 – Michaelz Market
Peggys Point Light House – Chaos Mendelbrot
Quest Melges 24 – Ronin Zane
Schokker Dagger – Corie Charisma
Silverstorm Car v1 – Giini Starfall
Silverstorm Car v2 – Fancy Beorn
Silverstorm Car v3 – Ronin Zane
Trinidad Bay Light House Chaos Mendelbrot
Trudeau Beta Team – Blackbird Latte
Turbo Beaver Airplane – Sunshine Zhangsun
VO70 – Charlz Price
Water Falls – Equinox Pinion

In total, the auction brought in an additional  L$418,700 in donations, advancing Sail4Life into the top handful of fundraising teams for 2012!

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Nice Work, SL Sailors!

And Super Job, Francois Jacques!!
You pulled together an auction list the SL sailing-world drooled over!

Wolsey Raceline

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For well over two years, el Megro (emmanuelmara) and Marina Sport Racer Sailing Club have actively promoted sailing in Corsica. One of elMegro’s long-standing requests has been for Linden racelines in Corsica’s continental waterways.

Well, persistence often pays off, and the Linden Department of Public Works came through! Come sail the new raceline in Wolsey!

Kudos for this new addition also go to Armano Xaris; he noticed that Wolsey sim had been re-parceled to permit a raceline, and agitated that we should do something about it.  El Megro was off-line at the time, but that didn’t stop us. 🙂 In under five minutes we had a raceline running in North Corsica; Chaos Mandelbrot even changed his Leeward plans to route the Tuesday Cruise fleet through Wolsey to show it off!

El Megro has a host of ideas for Wolsey, so you can expect map dispensers and new races there pretty soon. The last time we chatted, he was deciding on a committee boat!

Sail Corsica!