Wolsey Raceline

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For well over two years, el Megro (emmanuelmara) and Marina Sport Racer Sailing Club have actively promoted sailing in Corsica. One of elMegro’s long-standing requests has been for Linden racelines in Corsica’s continental waterways.

Well, persistence often pays off, and the Linden Department of Public Works came through! Come sail the new raceline in Wolsey!

Kudos for this new addition also go to Armano Xaris; he noticed that Wolsey sim had been re-parceled to permit a raceline, and agitated that we should do something about it.  El Megro was off-line at the time, but that didn’t stop us. 🙂 In under five minutes we had a raceline running in North Corsica; Chaos Mandelbrot even changed his Leeward plans to route the Tuesday Cruise fleet through Wolsey to show it off!

El Megro has a host of ideas for Wolsey, so you can expect map dispensers and new races there pretty soon. The last time we chatted, he was deciding on a committee boat!

Sail Corsica!

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