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Far East Yacht Club Drops Anchor in Borden

After a long vacation, Far East Yacht Club (FYC) is back on the water! The new (old) clubhouse is in Borden sim, on the North coast of Sansara‘s Sea of Fables.

Borden is a great spot! Both GGYC and DYC had docks there two years ago, and Free Adriatic is just a short dinghy ride East.

Two years ago the Linden Department of Public Works began a major upgrade of the Sansara waterways that included several handfuls of new water sims and considerable new content designed with sailors in mind. Six new racelines were installed, including a large, updatable one in Arafura, right next to the new Far East dock! My guess is that line will get plenty of use, now that FYC is in town. 🙂

Here’s the nautical chart for Sea of Fables, Sansara’s inland sea that LL calls “a sailor’s dream.” The red marks identify a few of the Linden Points of Interest.

From FYC a sailor can also cruise the connected waterways that lead north to Mowry Bay and Mare Secundus, west to the Gulf of Lauren, and across the ANWR channel into Heterocera. There are literally endless possibilities for long cruises or distance races using the networked features of the Arafura raceline.

So OK, Far East; when’s the next Sea of Fables Regatta?

Drama Photo of the Week

click to enlarge

I have not sailed the new VO-70 enough to appreciate it’s handling and sailing features, but wow, does it make a great crash! 🙂

The above scene took place during Hannelore Ballinger’s Aug 23 Thursday VO-70 race as the fleet came around Fastnet Light. (I tell you I shouted ROOM! as we approached the turn… or at least that’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it!)

Everybody had a good laugh, then we picked up all the broken toys and continued the race. 🙂

Maybe this is an appropriate moment to repost good-old Rules 19-20:

19.1 When Rule 19 Applies
Rule 19 applies between boats at an obstruction except when it is
also a mark the boats are required to leave on the same side. However,
at a continuing obstruction, rule 19 always applies and rule 18
does not.
19.2 Giving Room at an Obstruction
(a) A right-of-way boat may choose to pass an obstruction on
either side.
(b) When boats are overlapped, the outside boat shall give the
inside boat room between her and the obstruction, unless she
has been unable to do so from the time the overlap began.

(c) While boats are passing a continuing obstruction, if a boat that
was clear astern and required to keep clear becomes overlapped
between the other boat and the obstruction and, at the
moment the overlap begins, there is not room for her to pass
between them, she is not entitled to room under rule 19.2(b).
While the boats remain overlapped, she shall keep clear and
rules 10 and 11 do not apply.

20.1 Hailing and Responding
When approaching an obstruction, a boat sailing close-hauled or
above may hail for room to tack and avoid another boat on the same
tack. After a boat hails,
(a) she shall give the hailed boat time to respond;
(b) the hailed boat shall respond either by tacking as soon as possible,
or by immediately replying ‘You tack’ and then giving
the hailing boat room to tack and avoid her; and
(c) when the hailed boat responds, the hailing boat shall tack as
soon as possible.
20.2 Exoneration
When a boat is taking room to which she is entitled under rule
20.1(b), she shall be exonerated if she breaks a rule of Section A or
rule 15 or 16.
20.3 When Not to Hail
A boat shall not hail unless safety requires her to make a substantial
course change to avoid the obstruction. Also, she shall not hail if the
obstruction is a mark that the hailed boat is fetching.

Come to think of it, since Fastnet Rock was a mark on the race course, Rule 18 probably applied as well. 🙂

No protests were made though, no one drown, and everyone crossed the Finish Line happy. That’s the important thing for a pick-up race on a Thursday in August!

Trudeau server tsuris

LC II v1.16: Boom goes bang at Plum Gut

The recent major SL server update caused a subtle-but-serious malfunction in Trudeau boats. Jacqueline Trudeau is well aware of the problem, and “The fix is in.” 🙂


Most SL sailboats boats use a sculpted boom and sails that rotate around the mast as the sheets adjust for differing wind angles.

To accomplish this effect, the visual object is just part of an underlying, larger sculpted prim form that has the mast as it’s center of rotation. In the figure below, the upper image shows my Leetle Cat II with the sails deployed, as it usually looks. In the lower image however, I’ve edited the boom to show the boom’s underlying prim shape. It reveals that the boom actually extends on both sides of the mast, although under normal circumstances a sailor only sees the sculpted view half that extends aft over the cockpit.

The sculpti effect looks very pretty, but here’s the trouble: the actual collision cage for the visible boom ( the surface that hits things) is defined by the underlying torus prim shape. There’s a mismatch between “the boat you see” and “the invisible boat that hits other stuff.”

To resolve this problem, on many boats the boom and sails are phantom.

The present fleet of Trudeau boats all use a phantom rig while underway. In contrast, the hulls are carefully constructed to ensure a realistic contact point when you run the bow or forequarter into a dock, or into the stern of that slowpoke racing in front of you.

The Problem

Unfortunately, Second Life recently had a major upgrade to its servers that included a new version of the havok physics engine, and the system was deployed while bugs were still unresolved. It’s no surprise that a number of major and minor problems ensued, and I’m sure more will surface.

As I understand it (which is poorly, at best 🙂 ), some aspect of the server upgrade interferes with how the phantom rig is rezzed on Trudeau boats. Although the boat looks ok an appears to handle normally, the boom and sails are no longer phantom; they slam into things that contact the collision cage of their base prim form. As mentioned above, that can be a long distance from the apparent, visible rigging.

Boom collides with raceline bouy

The Fix is In.

Well, if you have a Trudeau boat, never fear; Trudeau Yachts is on top of the issue, and a fleet-wide fix is already in the works.

I had a chance to sail the pre-release Leetle Cat II v1.17 beta yesterday, and it looks like things are back to normal, phantom-wise. 🙂 You can expect to see the automatic upgrade when you rez, as soon as Trudeau is convinced the new fix doesn’t cause further troubles. 🙂

Dale Irata on Americas Cup

I had a chance to chat with Dale Irata of Island Yacht Club -SL this morning. Many sailors will remember that Dale was on the regatta committee for the S4L Solstice Challenge last month.

Dale’s real life club lies near the center of the action for San Francisco’s America’s Cup races, and he’s posting online about them this week! Don Berthios is out there too, and Dale reports they got together yesterday!

Here’s the link so you can follow the SF AC action as told by an SLSailing insider:

Francois Jacques Memorial August 19 2012

Transcript compiled by Naeve Rossini, RJ Kikuchiyo,
and BennyThe Boozehound

Francois Jacques’ Memorial
2012.08.19, Nantucket Yacht Club -SL


I first met Francois years ago in passing at the old Nantucket Yacht Club when it lay north of Svar Island.

I wouldn’t say I knew her well back then, only in passing. Not until she began coming to the Leeward Cruises more often did I begin to know her better.

We shared an affinity for some of the same off-the-beaten-path music and had opportunity to talk about that when she would request a song.

Not until last winter did I begin to see the truly generous and joyful person that she was. When i told her about the Woodstock project I was working on and asked if she would be willing to sponsor it as a Relay for Life event did I gain real insight into this wonderful person. Her encouragement and enthusiasm for it made me feel quite comfortable. We had become friends at last.

Although I sadly cannot claim myself to be one of the fortunate few that were her closest of friends, I do, and always will consider myself blessed to have been a comrade. What is inspiring to me, as should it be to all, was the selfless nature with which she went about things. She was truly generous in spirit, word and deed, thinking of all of us before herself. The stuff of angels.

click to enlarge this photo or any photo below


I don’t remember when I first met Fran. What I do remember is all of a sudden there was this large presence in my second life getting me to do things and making my role grander than I had any planned for. She introduced me to a flood of marvelous people. I believe Fran did this for everyone she met.

Her love of the sailing community was and is obvious. She was involved in sailing from its inception in second life and sailed continually till the end . She was on-board with me nearly every week with the Leeward Cruising Club. We sailed together last Sunday.

I would say I would hold her crew slot open in the future, but she would always want me to fill it with someone new, especially someone new to sailing.

While I was a mere member in the early days of Nantucket Yacht Club. Fran was a mainstay in the club’s continued operation after its first drama event. She donated land, commissioned clubhouse, chivvied everyone into getting things done, helped new sailors, swabbed the decks, cleaned the heads… Or so I have been told.

By the time NYC moved to the United Sailing Sims, Fran was commodore, NYC had a mission, “SHUT UP and SAIL”, and Fran and the club never looked back. Fran once told me “Each day was a blessing”, she tried to live each day better than the one before.

But Fran was not a member of a lone club, she often took steps to intervene and make sure other clubs survived tough times, sometimes with both encouragement and financial support. But most of all, no matter what, Fran had your back and often you didn’t even know it. Her support of the USS, and eventually, Blake Sea was unflagging. She reached out to every new yacht club she found, always searching for new friends.

Fran was a great patron and reveled in SL’s artisans. She was never content with sails out of the box, she often seemed to have commissioned a custom sail set. While she seldom built herself, she was constantly commissioning, shopping, talking others into making what she envisioned. As Naeve Rossini said Fran was “the great chameleon”, always there to surprise me with new hair, clothes, skin … (I was so happy I had name tags turned on.)

Fran and I shared an island in the Fruit Island estates. I’m thrilled to announce Equinox Pinion has decided to permanently leave the island there in her name. That is the kind of loyalty Fran inspired in her friends.

Fair winds my friend. I will crew for you on the other side.

CYNTHIA CENTAUR (presented by Chaos Mandelbrot)

From Cynthia Centaur (Cynthia asked that I not correct any grammar):

In late October 2006 I joined SL.

After some times I discovered sailing and bought my first Tako. Looking for waters to sail I stumbled over NYC.

Soon I started racing and Francois was race director there. So we got known. From first talks a we moved to friendship. Some people here might know how close friendships can get in SL.

I vividly remember many hours with her building, shopping, exploring SL, having fun. And I remember hours of talking about nearly everything. SL, RL, girl things…

She was mentor for me and a better friend than most people I know in RL.

Francois. I am proud that I was allowed to know you and be your friend. You will not be forgotten.

Fair winds, my friend.

ANU DAVIAU (presented by Chaos Mandelbrot)

Thank you for the long honest friendship, that I will miss the chats with you which I so loved and send you a ‘grand bisou’.


Fran was always about caring for her friends and the people around her. As the principal representative of Nantucket Yacht Club and as a leader in SL Sailing, Fran was a tireless worker.

For those of us that have been involved in the development of the United Sailing Sims Fran had a special role. As the leader of a group of owners representing the Nantucket Yacht Club…

Fran and NYC were the only ones in the group of original USS Owners that were admitted to the USS with only one sim. All others then and now have only been admitted with multiple sims

That shows you what we owners thought and think of Fran and NYC.

Fran liked to describe her real life as being “a recovering trial lawyer”. I always wanted to ask her about but never got around to it. There was always time, right?

I think that this unexpected loss of a good friend to all of us has reminded me that Life isn’t always predictable. Best to deal with life as it comes and not put things off.

Clear Sailing, Fran. You will be sorely missed.


I want to thank everyone for coming. Fran was really special to me and I want to share a bit of her from my perspective. While most of you talked boats and sailing and the seas, Fran and I got close over fashion and shopping and crazy girly things like that.

I think it all started at some big sailing thing….probably a boat launch and she’d IM me about my skin or shoes or vice versa. We admired each other’s sense of style. However when she told me her inventory was over 175000 items I knew she had me beat by a mile.

I used to tease her all the time about that inventory. When SL would eat some of my or Charlz stuff…..I’d say her black hole inventory had started to consume objects of ours or that the asset server outages were due to her searching for some hair. She’d tease me back and tell me she bought all the new Maitreya shoes in my size.

And while that was fashion was a start (and ongoing aspect) of our incredible friendship, Fran invited Charlz and I to work on one of her passion projects…the Annexes. It was idea we all loved and brought us really close together.

I’m not gonna blather on about the annexes except to say how it exemplified how generous of spirit Fran was. She wanted to share her love of sailing with everyone in any which way she thought she could make a difference. Each of them has a big bit of Fran in them. If you’ve not been to all 6….I’d encourage you to go explore them.

Fran challenged Charlz and I. Sim and event building, photography,….nagging me about my blog that I don’t write on enough. We put on the big 12 hour Woodstock event. She and I won a photography contest this year. Charlz built her an incredible homestead sim. It’s all because of Fran.

As a matter of fact, Fran encouraged almost everyone to be more; to do more. I know she commissioned works all over the place. And I personally have a bunch of unfinished projected we started, like the art gallery and even more we planned on doing. The grid won’t be the same.

I’m gonna miss Fran….our shopping excursions, our midnight motorcycle rides and her incredible sense of humor. She could always make me smile. She was the best gal pal I could have asked for.


I’m not good at this kind of ceremony, I speak broken English, and I’m not religious. But I could not not be present for some reasons.

I’m not going to praise François, all you will do better than me.

In a few words, however, know that it is one of only two people who impressed me in this world and beyond this world.

I was, I am Impressed by her kindness, her goodness, her culture, her insight, her tolerance, her efforts to put things into perspective, to understand things, her mind, her openness, her wisdom, her beauty, the beauty of her soul, her loyalty, her wealth…. and so much more.

Sailing was the last of our favorite subjects, which were more oriented towards spiritualism, the human behavior and culture (oh and shopping 🙂 ). We made a lot of confidences, sometimes sweethearts or kindred spirits, lot of complicity. A secret pact.

Our relationship was, well, a bit special, (oh I know I am not the only one in that case…. 🙂 ) , and went beyond the barriers of SL sometimes.

She was, she is an exceptional person, a very rare person. I’ll let you add all the superlatives you want, for once I think they are appropriate 🙂

Today I decided to write her a letter and read it to you.

Some may be surprised, and I apologize if it hurts someone. I would love to meet some of you later to share other things. So, here is my letter to Francoise (She likes my Frenglish, so I hope to make her laugh again):

Hey Beauty,
That’s how many days, that’s how many nights, that’s how long you’re gone,
Time stopped for this last trip, for our broken hearts, this is the last wreck.
Maybe the autumn will come one day, who knows…
Maybe the winter will pass, cracking leaves and burning log fires, spring will bloom, and summer may come back.
At summer times you know how it is nice to talk of love, to see all the gardens bloomed, cruising along the islands and walking down the streets of that f… Second Life.
You know baby, I thought I was stronger, I thought I was not of those who die of grief, that I had not the virtue of wives of sailors. That was bullshits.
I languid, I dream, I shiver, my head sways and capsizes, I go, I come, I turn, I tack, I gybe, I drag myself.
I’ve broken all your windows and I’ve rammed through all your doors.
Your image haunts me Honey, I speak softly to you, you are the angel of my nightmares,
Sorry If i break that secret pact we made, because I am sick of love, and I am sick of you,
No other sun will warm me up, plenty of images of You together with me, are my fondest memories.
You know how hard it is to catch up the time that passes, you know it is impossible to catch up the lost time.
I love you still, I’ve always loved you, I loved to love you, I loved to be loved by you, and I wish I had given you more of me.
You let me with my regrets, you let me alone in that empty world, in this sick strange darkness, I hate you Honey ! 🙂
You let me with my regrets, you let me alone in that empty world, in this sick strange darkness, I hate you Honey! 🙂

You let me with plenty of unanswered questions:

– Why time goes by, staring at us, and then breaks us?
– Why not you stay with me, why you leave?
– Why life and boats going on the water have wings?
– Why planes fly much higher than birds?
– Why the stars are hanging so high, why is the sky so high so I can’t touch you anymore?
– Why does the wind carry away what is the most beautiful, even your smiles?

You know, I have that painting in my bedroom, that preserves your memory.

The song says “the hills that we climbed were just seasons out of time, the world that we reached was just starfish on the beach”, but none earthquake, nor tsunamis, could erase those hills or those starfish.

In many years, it will be remembered, our first dimple, our bad choices, that time has past, this melancholy and our laughs, our warm kisses, and the rain that flows cause all my salty tears, this wounded love, that you were beautiful…

Your young and brilliant image, that regret embellishes even more, in my heart does not age, like the soul, it does not age.

No, you do not leave me; When my eyes stopped seeing you on the earth, suddenly I saw you in heaven.

There, you appear to me as you certainly were at that last day, when you flew with the dawn to your heavenly stay.

Your young and brilliant image, that regret embellishes even more, in my heart does not age, like the soul, it does not age.

No, you do not leave me; When my eyes stopped seeing you on the earth, suddenly I saw you in heaven.

There, you appear to me as you certainly were at that last day, when you flew with the dawn to your heavenly stay.

Your pure and touching beauty has followed you in heaven,

Your eyes, in which life was extinguished, now radiate immortality.

The lovely breath of the zephyr still raises your long hair,

On your breast, your wavy hair in braids fall,

The shadow of the veil softens your image, like the dawn emerges from last veils of the morning.

But my love has no night, and you bright on my mind.

It’s you I hear, It’s you I see, in that desert, in the clouds,

The waves reflects your image, the breeze brings me your voice.

If I hear the wind sighing, I think I hear you whispering sacred words in my ears.

I see you in every star, the most beautiful, those most pleasing to my eyes.

And if the breath of the zephyr get me drunk with the scent of flowers, in its sweetest fragrance this is your breath that I feel.

Your hands dry my tears, when I go, sad and lonely, to spread my prayer.

When I sleep, you watch in the dark, covering me with your wings my Angel.

I know all my dreams will come from you, soft as a shadow.

But in few years, my love, you and me, we will be like two birds gently dancing on a mast,

Ready for a very next shipwreck, my pain will stop.

You will wear that medal you wore on your chest sometimes, like a little girl with a trophy.

With that smile on your lips, with your hands on my hips, because you know that kills me.

Oh and just one kiss, with your tenderness…

But there is nothing else to say,

There is nothing else I want you to know,

And there is nothing you don’t know already.

(Oh, btw, I’ll remember some of your lessons, and I’ll keep my promise… you bet?)

Francoise, darling, you are the one, forever in my heart.

With all my love,

Je t’envoie de gros baisers ma chérie.

GEMMA VUCKOVIC (presented by BennyThe Boozehound)

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to say a few personal words for my lovely friend, Fran.

Sadly real life is making it difficult to be here but I was able to plonk my avie here while I am away.

I have also set up to record this memorial so mind your language.

Francois had many visions and activities in SL and building a flourishing sailing club was one part of it. Our enjoyment is only possible due to a small number of dedicated people who work tirelessly to make this possible. Fran was one of those people.

Fran, I was thrilled when Jane asked me to be a Race Director for NYC and you where always there helping and inspiring me. I was even more thrilled to be asked to take on the role of Head Race Director, and then subsequently invited to join the NYC Steering Committee. We had a fab working relationship – you always did what I told you to do, lol.

I called you BOSS and you called me all sorts of things under your breath.

Remember the laughs we had when you couldn’t understand some of my quaint English colloquialisms and rhyming slang.

Gor blimey me luvver oy wonder whether you did buy that dictionary of English phrases Fran?

Nah you gorn up the apples and pears an oy misses you ever so much.

My message is short and sweet, just like me, lol, but love for you and what you achieved is enormous.

Rest in peace BOSS, I miss you so much.

Your pain-in-the-ass, Gemma.


Like so many, the news about Fran passing came as a complete shock to me. I’ve known Fran since my early days in the sailing community, which really dates back to when I joined SecondLife in 2008, when i was over at Mowry in the East River community. But, I suppose I go to know her better, or should I say, chatted with her more when I joined my life with Epi’s; because they were really good friends.

I’ll skip the intervening years and come right up to when I returned to SL after I lost Epi last year, and when i was probably at an all-time low in my life.I don’t like to single anyone out because so many people reached out to me, offered me their kindness and love and I felt happy to be back in the heart of the sailing community where Epi had once been and where I felt at home and still do.

But what stands out to me are the lengthy conversations I had with Fran. I can’t even remember what started them, but we used to talk a lot, last year in particular. She made a point of IMing me and asking me how I was. I really do appreciate that because I buried myself under a mound of activity, but it doesn’t take the pain away, and somebody asking you how you feel and taking the time to talk to you about the person you’ve lost and spending that time with you–it’s a gift, and she gave that gift to me quite a few times last year.

We chatted over the course of the last six months about various things, probably more to do with Relay for Life than anything else, especially more recently, but at times when I did have conversations with her, I felt there was something wrong but I didn’t know what it was, and I would never have asked or pried into that with anyone, and I felt that if she had wanted to say there was something wrong, she would have done so.

During the course of our conversations, she shared quite a lot about her life, but she never told me that she was ill or in pain and I respect that, because I think that when you carry the burden of illness, you want to leave that behind when you come into SecondLife. I think many people want to be seen for themselves and not their illness. I suspect that was probably true for Fran.

I had the chance to thank her and congratulate her for the hard work and all that went into Woodstock, which I think was one of the crowing glories of the Sail for Life calendar.

There never seems to be the chance to say goodbye to people, and perhaps that’s just as well because I hate goodbyes. But here we are, this is our chance to say goodbye to her together. One of the things that I want to flag up, which I think should be one of Fran’s legacies, was about her feelings about the sailing community and all of us working together, which was also important to Epi and it is to me, too.

When I lost Epi, a part of me life as well as my SL disappeared and that will never come back, but one of the things that I take from both losing Epi and now that we’ve lost Fran, and others like them: these people who come and go in our lives is a blessing of knowing them and having been someone that they wanted to make time for in their lives–and that’s a big honour. In my final I wanted to read this, because I do think this is very relevant.

Reason, Season, or Lifetime

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you will know what to do for each person.

When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty; to provide you with guidance and support; to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend, and they are! They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled; their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.

Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow or learn. They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh. They may teach you something you have never done. They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy. Believe it. It is real. But only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons; things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person, and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life. It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

THANK YOU for being part of my life.

— Brian A. “Drew” Chalker


I met Francois Jacques in 2006, shortly after I first landed in Second Life. She taught me to sail, and helped guide me through Second Life.

That friendship persisted for the next six years, and I can’t think of any major experience I’ve had in SL that didn’t involve FJ. She was a mentor and a wonderful friend thoughout. It’s hard to imagine SL Sailing without her presence.

For six years we talked sailing, we laughed and we conspired over countless projects and online race regattas. I knew Fran better than many people I’ve raced with in RL. I learned that the avatar I had fun with was the extension of a truly smart, warm, generous and enthusiastic person. I will think about Fran every day I’m sailing, whether I’m in a boat online or sailing the ‘wet’ stuff in my analog world.

I know many many others feel the same. Aleister Biondetti confided in me last year that he gave up racing against Francois; he simply couldn’t find the will to pass such a great person, and he felt embarrassed whenever he won. 🙂 Actually… I always felt that way too.

I have many other stories to share about Fran and the experiences with her, but I’ll save those for another time; I have much to write about.

Today I simply want to say that I agree with what RJ Kikuchiyo recently posted, that Fran was more than a friend; she was a true Hero, a guiding light that inspired us all and helped build the wonderful community of sailing that we all share.

Fran is gone and we will miss her greatly, but let’s not lose sight of who she was and what she stood for.This is an occasion for us to celebrate her accomplishments, and raise a glass high in tribute for a life well lived.

Each and every sailor here is a testament to what Fran valued, and all that she achieved.

Fair winds, FJ, you will remain in our heart, and always be the steadfast guardian angel that guides us over rough seas…. so pardon me, if I offer an impertinent “WOOOOOT!!!!” [air horns]

Thank you FJ!


It’s Sunday Morning… it seems appropriate for me to be saying goodbye to Fran on a Sunday morning, it was a Sunday the first time I met her six years ago and brings up so many memories I have of her.

I remember her standing at the back of the Learn To Sail classes with her incredibly short low prim hair. She spent so many hours coaching new sailors, teaching the quirks of sailing in SL.

Classes were followed by the Starboards Sunday Regattas where she saved me many times from being the only female racing with the guys. 🙂 Fran was always a great competitor, but it was never as much about racing as it was hanging out with friends, cheering each other on, and learning from each other. Time spent with friends that now seems all too short.

I can still see her in that Tako with the wolf sails.

Francois was one of the most generous people I have known either SL or RL. She gave so much. there were countless hours she gave working with Sail For Life every year. I would love to see a line up of the boats she has collected from the auctions over the years.

Fran, you were a true and respected friend, I will miss you, we all will. Fair Winds.


Francois Jacques was not a large stakeholder in and around our vast sailing community.

However, her efforts to maintain balance and continuity reached far beyond the small footprint she shared here at NYC.

She contributed greatly to the United Sailing Sims, Blake Sea projects, along with all grid-wide sailing community events and efforts.

Her focus and passion never once swayed from what she knew built this community in the first place… The ability to openly and freely sail in Second Life.

Not only did she support sailing she also had a passion for helping with the fight against Cancer.

Since Aislin & I became involved with the Sail4Life Relay for Life of Second Life, back when Nber Medici was Captain, Fran was engaged.

Her generosity was unmatched… From her passion for the cause, to her willingness to volunteer, to her massive heartfelt donations.

I know as a fact that her inventory holds some of the most unique one-off vessels in Second Life.

This year, she took charge of the boat Auction held Relay weekend and organized a highly successful Woodstock event for the team.

She was highly instrumental in helping Team Sail4Life raise US$9,653 and become fourth of all the teams helping to create more birthdays.

Fran, I held you in the highest regard, looked to you for guidance and strength and, had no higher respect for anyone I have met in Second Life.

I wish our hard fought battles for more birthdays would have let your friends share more of yours.

We loved you Fran and will continue to love you in our memories.

We remain lifelong friends in Real Life, Second Life and… The Afterlife… Fair winds, calm seas and much happiness to you in your new sailing endeavors!

Bye Fran…. See ya soon gal! 🙂


It is hard to believe that just one week ago, Francois sailed with the Leeward Cruising Club and afterwards danced with us at the post-cruise party. It was possibly the very last time she sailed in SL. Just two days later, whilst on the Tuesday LCC cruise, we learned that the real life person behind the avatar had sadly passed away. To say that we were shocked is a gross understatement, none of us wanted to believe it.

Francois was, without doubt, the perfect LCC member. She never complained about the cruise being too long or too short, too easy or too hard. She never complained about the lag, and she never complained if she crashed. She just took it all in her stride and got on with sailing, just as she took her RL condition in her stride and got on with life.

A couple of weeks before she left us I had occasion to see her at a time when I was not a Tiny, having just bought a new human avi. Wanting to get a record of this rare event she took some photos and, a week later, asked for my email address. I sensed an urgency that I’d not seen in her before.

She sent the photos, one of which is now on my wall to remember her by, and less than a week later we were mourning her passing. I don’t know if Francois knew her life was coming to an end. If she did, she kept it to herself and went on living the last days of her life as best as she could. A true trooper to the end. A lesson perhaps for us all.

I would like to finish with a short poem called Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep by Mary Elizabeth Frye.

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glint on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you wake in the morning hush,
I am the swift, uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight.
I am the soft starlight at night.

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.

RIP Francois, your passing has left a void in our hearts that will never heal. Up in Heaven, a new star shines upon us, leading the way as we sail through our lives.


Francois never told us that she was our friend and that she stood by us, but we KNEW she was and that she did. She was an exceptional, elegant, equable person and I still can’t believe she is gone. I miss you so much, Francois.


Whilst we remember someone they never truly leave, after all are not we all just thoughts in the hearts and minds of others, unless we reach out and touch somebody that’s all they ever are.

Memories. We take something of them with us every time we visit, only today we were talking about Epi and it was like he was just over at SC waiting for me and Beejee to turn up with yet another mad invention for him to shrug and tut at. Those thoughts are what keep people alive ;)Xxx

ALLIE THOMSEN (presented by BennyThe Boozehound)

We’ve all expressed a wish to Fran, “Fair winds.” I thought a great tribute to her would be to read the full text. But what was the origin? The best I could find out was this:

The origin of the quote “Fair Winds and Following Seas” … is unknown.

I thought it was from a poem or literary work. Well, according to general research… it wasn’t.

And although we often hear “fair winds and following seas” as one wish… it isn’t. It’s two. Over the years, they’ve evolved into a single phrase.

The first reference I could find, and believe me, I didn’t look very far, was from Moby Dick published in 1851. Near the end, Melville writes “Let me square the yards, while we may, old man, and make a fair wind of it homeward.” (“Square the yards” is “to add on sail.”)

I wanted to get more on this, so I tried to go all the way back to the Gaelic, but being the Internet, I was stopped by an ad offering to sell me a translator.

So, Fran, it looks like I didn’t cross the finish line again. But we are here because you did.

Your trophy is our love and gratitude.

And for your journey, these words: “Fair Winds”.


When we all think about Francois we imagine the times when she would be generous of spirit, or helping out with an open ear

She would always be able to find the goodness in things even if they seemed like challenges to us

Our ship is no longer guided by her level visionary leadership.

In the earliest of times, Francois was singular in her ability to focus.

At times, I often wondered, what other places and things Francois was involved with, as it turns out, she had many philanthropic interests all over the grid.

She lifted my spirit when I felt broken.

I had seen places of extreme peace and beauty.

She could be a firm anchor in any storm.

I was asked to speak today because I have known Francois since her days as a resident of SLNE , and was a strong influence in turbulent times.

The original Nantucket Yacht Club was in distress – FJ came to the rescue.

Only because of her incredible strength was there a continuing force for sailing and attracting new sailors in this corner of Second Life

As an example to the rest of us, I can only hope that we are able to carry on with her steadfast reason, her praise of god, her love of the community and be able to work together to continue the great work that Francois has started for us.


Firstly, I would like to offer apologies from Glida . Prior RL commitments (a wedding) prevent him from being here today. Glida simply wishes to acknowledge that Fran was one of the most respected people in SL sailing.

He’s a man of few words, so I’ll add a few more…

I first met Fran about 4 years ago, when I became a resident here at NYC. As I got to know her, I found that she was a person who was wise, considerate, patient and fair. When difficult decisions had to be taken, she had a talent for charting a way through that would cause the least upset for all involved. She was both careful and caring.

She had a remarkable ability to understand people and their feelings from nothing more than the words that they typed into their SL viewer, and of knowing what had to be done to ease their concerns. She was very perceptive, and a very good listener.

Most people maintain a separation between SL and RL, but that doesn’t mean that the online personage is something that’s distinct from the person at the computer. Everything that we do here is a window into who we are in RL, and the relationships that we build are very much real relationships. Even so, we might still think that our associations in SL are somehow not as real, or as substantive, as those in RL.

When the news of Fran’s passing sunk in, I was grief-stricken and heartbroken to an extent that surprised me. I have a deep sense of loss that feels no different from the times when I’ve lost loved ones in RL. Most of all, I feel terribly sad for Fran because she has no more time on this earth.

Friend, mentor, role model. An outstanding supporter of sailing. Her way of leading was subtle and gentle. She was truly first class, and I feel privileged to have spent time with her.

I remember a day a long time ago. Glida and I were standing around on the dock, gossiping about something. Fran had turned up and was aware of whatever it was we were talking about. She listened, joined the conversation with a comment or two, and then said words to the effect of…

“Gentlemen, have you SAILED today?”

Fair winds, Fran, and thank you.


SL Coast Guard has commissioned a new cutter, SLCGC Francois Jacques, now serving as the honor guard platform in Blake Sea – Atlantic. They are prepared to present the traditional 21 gun salute.

[21-gun salute]

Teleri Gets an Update

Six weeks ago I posted about Craig Ktaba’s new racing sloop, the Ktaba 20 Teleri MX. The boat’s modeled after the International One Design Class, and it’s fully compliant with the wind, wave, and current parameters from raceline windsetters. The boat has many features that show the builder’s attention to detail and his emphasis on a realistic sailing experience.

With that kind of dedication, I guess it’s no surprise that Craig is already back with a new Teleri update! I’ve posted the full Owner’s Manual here, but let me list a few of the new features added since my original review:

Better control.

— The Teleri is one of the few boats in SL that lets crew help sheet the sails. A new ‘controls‘ command lets the skipper decide whether crew should have that job or not. 🙂

— The original Teleri had a strong weather helm, but the new boat is more evenly balanced. It still pulls to weather (as it should), but the effect is more a ‘gentle nudge’ than a ‘hard tug.’

— Teleri also has new camera control options, including a ‘follow cam’ that enhances a skipper’s situational awareness in a race.

A new polar.

The Teleri’s performance curve got a tuneup; the new numbers should make it more true-to-life while also enhancing the boat’s ease of use. The chart below shows a plot of boat speed as a function of wind angle using a wind speed of 4.86kt. That light wind was chosen to simplify the measurements, but the shape of the curve should help sailors predict boat performance at higher wind intensities.

The chart shows the Teleri is still quite speedy. The blue curve shows Boat Speed vs Real Wind Angle (RWA); Teleri’s maximum speed occurs on a beam reach, and it tops out at >90% RWS (Yikes that’s fast!). The dotted line above in red also shows Boat Speed plotted against Apparent Wind Angle (AWA). This view reveals a near-linear speed decay at progressive downwind headings, and the curve is reminiscent of the Trudeau Twenty family of boats.

Spinnaker Adjustments

The new Teleri update has spinnaker options that seem a fair compromise between realism and ease of use. A skipper can only raise the spin when the boat heading is close to a dead run (over AWA 145° or RWA 160°). Once inflated, the spin adjusts automatically, although a sailor can use keystrokes to manually fine tune it.

As shown in the purple curve (Spin) on the above chart, a well-tended spinnaker can add as much as a 50% boost to a downwind run. However, as the boat speeds up or changes heading the AWA will quickly rotate windward and the spinnaker will collapse! If you try to sail with a deflated, noisily flapping spinnaker, all those potential benefits of a large head sail become penalties and the boat speed dramatically drops.

Winging the jib is a safer option on downwind tacks over RWA 130° (shown in green on the chart); it gives a more modest boost to performance. 🙂

Gybing to apparent wind.

Nearly all sailboats in Second Life ‘auto-gybe’ to real wind headings. In other words, when the wind shifts from one side of the boat to the other the boom swings over, and the boat begins to heel towards the new lee side.

However, in RL things are not that simple. When a sloop makes a downwind gybe, the wind force is coming from the stern and the pressure of the wind keeps the boom from swinging over. This effect is modeled in the Teleri, as shown below.

The image on the left shows a boat on a port tack with a Real Wind Angle of 169°. With a small course correction the boat then crosses the wind, ending on a starboard tack with RWA= -169°. Since the breeze is still coming from behind, the boom stays stuck on the ‘wrong’ side.

To flip over the boom in Teleri, you’ll need to do what sailors do in RL: either tack further windward, or pull in the sheet until the boom swings over by itself. 🙂

To my knowledge this is the only boat in SLSailing that has this realistic feature.

And there’s more

The new update includes a host of additional features I haven’t mentioned above, but I’m pretty sure they’ll make seasoned SL racers smile. To give you the details, I’ve posted the full user’s manual online. Once you get bored reading all that stuff, stop by Triumphal Yacht Club, where Charlz Price just set up a free Teleri demo dispenser, and try it out for yourself!

Francois Jacques

by Naeve Rossini

The first time I looked at a boat in SecondLife, it was at Starboards Yacht Club. Amidst all those boats, classic and modern, the one thing that caught
my interest and led me around the room relentlessly was this one hull, an orca hull.

I asked the designer if I could buy that hull and Caf said no in the gentlest way possible. “It’s a custom,” he said, assuring me that I could make my own. That sealed the deal. I bought a custom hull for my ACA before I had even bought an ACA.

A month later, having seen Orca Flotta around a few times but disappointed that she never dropped her lovely Orca ACA, I found myself at the Nantucket
Yacht Club line for a race when Francois Jacques dropped that magical hull into the water. I knew then that I would like her, though as a total n00b, I was afraid to approach her.

I don’t know how it came to pass–my memory is muddy with so much learning at the time–but somehow I ended up as a race director for NYC and that’s
when I truly discovered who Francois was: commodore, companion and cheerleader.

She was and is a great friend and a consummate leader. She empowered me, as she did with everyone under her charge, as if I were her own child. She
pushed me to grow, to take chances, to push beyond my limits. If I had an idea, no matter how hare-brained, her first words were to encourage me to
develop it further and make it happen.

In the moments where we weren’t up to something–weren’t scheming the next tournament or building the next boat–we would take time out for her other
great love: vanity. We shopped for skins and clothes and visited so many stores. While she was the great chameleon, I was looking for my perfect look.
We would search and search.

And then she’d have her silly moments, where it seemed like she wasn’t a Serious Business Commodore of a yacht club and instead was a gleeful child on
Christmas morning. I remember getting weird toys dropped on me at utterly random moments. The jet pack. The hovercraft. That… thing I can’t describe.

Francois Jacques was all of this and more. She had a quiet dignity about her that was unquestionable. She would be the eye in the middle of the hurricane. She was the best friend anyone could hope for.

She kept her illness far away from SecondLife and I can’t help but think that we were her calm in the storm of her life, where things should could not control were asserting themselves. We were her refuge, her happy place, and for that I am honoured and privileged to have been a part of her life and she a part of mine.

I love Francois. I wish I had told her when she was alive. I never thought she wouldn’t be there. If I could have anything, I’d want that moment to tell her that and to let her know that I could be just a fraction of who she is… well, then that would be something, wouldn’t it?

Fair winds, Francois. I’ll see you on the water.



Nantucket Yacht Club sim last night

FJ racing Mowry 2008

Glida Pilote set out space on the southwest side of Nantucket Yacht Club sim where friends of Francois Jacques can leave flowers or other remembrances. Thank you to so many people who spontaneously came there last evening to share their memories and offer support. The only person missing was Francois, but her spirit was present and will remain with us always.

Chaos Mandelbrot and the NYC owners will announce later today the plans for a memorial gathering. I understand it is tentatively scheduled for 11:00am, Sunday August 19 at NYC. The LCC will then launch following the service and sail a tribute cruise that will end back at NYC. The LCC cruise on Tuesday, August 21 will also be dedicated to Fran’s memory.

I liontaib Dé go ghcastar simm.

Francois Jacques, 2005 – 2012

Francois at the helm 2009

On behalf of Nantucket Yacht Club -SL,  Gemma Vuckovic today announced:

I am so sorry to tell you that our beloved Francois Jacques, Commodore of Nantucket Yacht Club, has sadly passed away in real life.
At the moment we are all stunned and upset. It’s a devastating blow to lose such a loved and valued member of our community.
Francois was not only our Commodore but a major champion to the whole sailing community. Her SL & RL love was us, the sailors, and we have benefited from her passion and dedication.
We have lost a beautiful friend. Fair winds Francois.

I knew Francois for six years in Second Life Sailing. There was no better friend, no more generous person, and no more avid sailor than FJ.

She will be profoundly missed by us all.

Fastnet memorial in Blake Sea