Francois Jacques, 2005 – 2012

Francois at the helm 2009

On behalf of Nantucket Yacht Club -SL,  Gemma Vuckovic today announced:

I am so sorry to tell you that our beloved Francois Jacques, Commodore of Nantucket Yacht Club, has sadly passed away in real life.
At the moment we are all stunned and upset. It’s a devastating blow to lose such a loved and valued member of our community.
Francois was not only our Commodore but a major champion to the whole sailing community. Her SL & RL love was us, the sailors, and we have benefited from her passion and dedication.
We have lost a beautiful friend. Fair winds Francois.

I knew Francois for six years in Second Life Sailing. There was no better friend, no more generous person, and no more avid sailor than FJ.

She will be profoundly missed by us all.

Fastnet memorial in Blake Sea

4 responses to “Francois Jacques, 2005 – 2012

  1. My sincere condolences to all her family, friends and fellow sailors. May her spirit continue to inspire all those that travel the waters of Second Life. Let every breeze and gust of wind that fills our sails remind us of her love of the sea.

  2. I have known Francois ever since I started sailing in SL in 2007. She was one of the first sailors I met in a race and I remember I was pretty proud that I beat her at some point in a tako event.
    I will miss her, but I’ll carry good memories of her: she was kind and always calm and wise amidst the often stormy waters of SL Sailing.

    Goodbye FJ..

  3. Was a sad day learning about Francois’ passing.Have Known her since 2006 and an inspiration to all the sailors in sl. Your fond memories will sail with us for a long time.

    Bye Fran

  4. I met Fran the night when Blake Sea launched. A remarkable date, and what a remarkable person. There are only good memories to keep from her, and the more its such a big loss, for me myself, for her friends and family of course and for slsailing.
    Thank you Fran, for all you been for me! Love, will miss and never forget you! Thank you for having been such an amazing friend!
    I unfortunately wont be able to join the memorial service as Im on rl vacations untill september. But my heart and my thoughts will be there.
    Be well my dear friend, fair winds and grand bisou.

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